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RemoteLock Integration with LibCal Spaces

Are you tired of keeping track of keys for your building's public-use rooms? Study rooms? Conference rooms? Meeting spaces? Are those keys always going missing, even when attached to giant heavy blocks of wood and a metal chain?

We completely understand AND commiserate. Several Springys were librarians and remember those days of tracking down missing keys, calling locksmiths, and watching the cycle repeat over and over again.

Well, no more! LibCal now fully integrates with RemoteLock smart lock software.

What is RemoteLock?

RemoteLock is a smart lock system where users can access rooms by entering in a unique code on the door to control the door's ability to lock/unlock. The user's unique code is directly connected to their space reservation. RemoteLock administrators can control all door locks from one central dashboard and reissue/update lock credentials at any time.

RemoteLock Dashboard
RemoteLock Dashboard

With the LibCal integration, patrons can:

  • Book a space using their library's LibCal room reservation system.
  • In their confirmation email, receive a unique code that connects to their space's RemoteLock-enabled device.
  • When they arrive to their reserved space at the appointed date and time, they'll be able to enter the room using their unique PIN.
Patron Email Containing RemoteLock PIN
Patron Email Containing RemoteLock PIN

With the LibCal integration, admins can:

  • Connect a RemoteLock-enabled smart lock to a specific LibCal Space.
  • Customize the LibCal Confirmation Email to include RemoteLock PIN and access instructions.
  • View the RemoteLock PIN and access the RemoteLock dashboard from the LibCal Booking Grid.
In LibCal's Booking Grid, view user PINs and manage their reservation in the RemoteLock dashboard
In LibCal's Booking Grid, view user PINs and manage their reservation in the RemoteLock dashboard

On the RemoteLock Dashboard, admins can:

  • Reissue or change a reservation's unique PIN.
  • Control how far in advance of the room reservation a patron can use the PIN and access the room.
  • View the battery level of each smart lock device linked to the RemoteLock software.
  • Take specific smart locks offline, if needed.
  • View RemoteLock activity and see which rooms are locked/unlocked.
  • Download reports on RemoteLock usage and activity.

Eager to get started?

RemoteLock customers using LibCal Spaces for room reservations can contact Springshare to enable this integration in their LibCal site now! This new functionality will launch for all paid LibCal sites soon. At that time, you'll be able to access the RemoteLock integration and connect your LibCal system to RemoteLock by going to LibCal > Admin > Equipment & Spaces > Smart Locks tab.

Connect your RemoteLock smart locks right from within LibCal
Connect your RemoteLock smart locks right from within LibCal

Wait, our building uses a different smart lock system!

This is our first foray into smart lock integration with LibCal and we started with the industry standard - RemoteLock. We will be adding more smart lock providers, but we want to hear from you! Tell us what kind of smart lock you're using!

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