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Improve Your LibGuides ROI – Lean Library Webinar (EU-Optimized Timezone)

In case you missed it, in March we announced an exciting partnership with Lean Library, a browser extension from SAGE Publishing, that delivers library services directly into the patron’s workflow via a customizable plugin. We’ve kicked off this partnership by integrating LibGuides with the browser plugin – allowing you to deliver contextual point-of-need help. You spend a lot of time creating and maintaining your LibGuides – maximize the return on your investment by delivering LibGuides content when and where they need it the most.

Here’s How it Works

  1. Your patrons download the Lean Library Plugin for their Chrome, Firefox, and other compatible web browsers;
  2. Inside your Lean Library Admin Dashboard – you control which LibGuides display on specific websites;
  3. So, if your patron navigates to > your Google Scholar Advanced Searching LibGuide pops-up!
  4. Patrons can read, dismiss, and continue on with their Google Scholar searching, with a better understanding on how to get full-text or peer-reviewed results. Talk about delivering library instruction right when they need it!
Google Scholar LibGuide displaying as a pop-up in Chrome via the Lean Library Browser plug-in

Increase your LibGuides Usage – Utah State Saw a 450% Increase

Utah State University launched a pilot program with Lean Library to explore whether or not this integration would increase their LibGuides’ usage. And boy, did it.

They saw a 450% increase in views, in just one LibGuide, during their pilot study.

This is Just the Beginning

We started with LibGuides, but this is just the beginning. We plan on working with Lean Library to integrate LibChat into their browser plugin-in so patrons can not only receive instructional support at point-of-need… but with a simple click, they can get help from your staff right when they need it.

Explore the Lean Library Workflow for LibGuides

Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, July 1 at 9am US ET / 2pm London BST / 3pm Prague CEST.

Can’t attend the live session?

Watch the recording! Explore Lean Library and hear from special guest speaker Jason Folkman from Utah State University on how they saw a 450% increase when implementing the Lean Library Workflow for LibGuides.

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