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Springshare’s Heading to ALA – Dash to the Flash!

If you’re heading to the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C and you thought all the amazing guest speakers were outside the exhibit hall, think again! Be sure to stop by Springy Booth #3136 to attend one of our amazing 10-15minute flash presentations! We’ll have guest speakers showcasing how they’re using Springshare Tools in their Library plus Springy-led sessions showing quick overviews of LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal, and more.  And if you’re not heading to ALA, #alaleftbehind, we’ve got you covered… we’re streaming select presentations LIVE on our Facebook Page. If you can’t watch the sessions live, we’ve got you covered as well – selected streaming live sessions will be archived on our Facebook Video Page… so you can watch them live, or anytime afterwards.

*Please note, you do not need to have a Facebook account to view the videos… simply ignore the login/sign-up information and proceed.

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Guest Speakers – Streaming Live on Facebook

All times listed in U.S. Eastern Time. 

Student-created LibGuides: New Avenues for Faculty-librarian Collaboration

Presenter: Hedda Monaghan, Framingham State University

Date/Time: Fri, June 21: 6:30pm – 6:50pm

Join us as Hedda Monaghan discusses their triumph of faculty-librarian collaboration engaging students in a research-based learning and knowledge-making project. After a chance meeting at new faculty orientation, a member of the English department and the digital services librarian developed the grammar guide project. Students worked in groups to collect resources and develop examples on a grammar topic and worked with the librarian to create the research guide.


Using LibAnswers to Manage eResource Tickets

Presenter: Kelly Smith, Eastern Kentucky University (@kelly_smith72)

Date/Time: Sat, June 22: 10am – 10:20am

At Eastern Kentucky University, LibAnswers is used not just as a valuable chat reference tool, but it is also used to help manage electronic resources. Learn how to use tickets to track renewals, troubleshoot problems, communicate across library departments, and more. Find out how this approach can also help with training new employees and analyzing collection and service needs.


LibGuides Inheritance

Presenter: Kim Westbrooks, Jacksonville State University

Date/Time: Sat, June 22: 12:00pm – 12:20pm

Starting a new job can be intimidating, but navigable information sources can ease the transition. A retiring librarian at a medium-sized academic institution, Jacksonville State University, created and updated 21 LibGuides that eased the transition for the librarian entering his position. This presentation briefly covers how one librarian began an educational transformation into academic librarianship by using the inherited wealth of information stored in LibGuides by the previous librarian.


Using LibInsight to Reshape How We Assess Our Marketing & Outreach Efforts

Presenter: Jessica Kiebler, Berkeley College

Date/Time: Sun, June 23: 12pm – 12:20pm

In order to measure our positive impact on the college community, we designed an assessment workflow using a LibInsight form, which allows us to effectively assess and analyze programming and outreach efforts, which are aligned to our institutional goals and the library’s operational goals. Participants will learn about our library’s strategic method of reshaping our assessment processes and how we created an effective data collection form with LibInsight, all which work well for a multi-campus institution.

Product Overview/Quick Flashes

All times listed in U.S. Eastern Time.

LibAnswers Flashes:

LibCal Flashes:

  • Calendars + Spaces + Equipment… Oh My! – This flash will cover how all the components of LibCal work together including a quick overview of the Billing, Payments, and Discount Codes functionality.

  • Appointment Scheduler: Meeting Your Users – This flash covers LibCal’s Appointment Scheduler for setting up one-on-one consultation appointments with patrons.

LibGuides Flashes:

LibCRM Flashes:

LibWizard Flashes:

LibStaffer Flashes:

  • Staffing Workers, Volunteers, & Pages – Explore how you can use LibStaffer to schedule multiple service points all whilst juggling staffing availability and duties.

LibInsight Flashes:

  • LibInsight COUNTER 5 – Did you know that LibInsight is fully COUNTER 5 compliant? Explore our newest COUNTER 5 features and how it works in LibInsight to get you actionable data.

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