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LibGuides: Not Just for Grown-Ups

Guides with bright primary colors? Check!
Guides with cartoon videos? Check!
Guides with links to PBS and Scholastic? Annnd check!

Did you know that libraries serving the smaller set are using LibGuides? Yes, LibGuides from Springshare can be for kids, too.

LibGuides allows school librarians and media specialists to select and share information and resources with students, parents, and even teachers. Why let students go to Google—where they’ll find everything and walk away with nothing—when they can have a professionally curated collection of resources at their fingertips. LibGuides in school libraries can also help boost the usage of the stuff the school or district already pays for. And it collects statistics to show how the library or media center adds value.

Take a peek at some of these school libraries that are using LibGuides to help their students:

Colchester Public Schools

Colchester Public Schools
Colchester Public Schools
  • Colchester schools in Connecticut use a LibGuide to highlight their Birthday Book Club. The guide includes an awesome video featuring real students. What better way to connect books and kids!

Lawton C. Johnson Middle School

Lawton School
8th Grade Mock Trial
  • When eighth graders at Lawton in Summit, New Jersey, need to prepare for mock trials, they have all the information they need at their fingertips – from constitutional history to legal precedents.

Knowles Elementary School

Knowles Library Embedded Video
Library Manners Embedded Video
  • Knowles Elementary in Cedar Park, Texas, has a brightly-colored exciting LibGuide. Check out the cute Library Manners video for first graders!

River Ridge Elementary School

River Ridge LibGuides
Primary & Secondary Resources
  • Fifth graders at River Ridge Elementary in Austin, Texas, can learn about primary and secondary sources right from their librarian – within LibGuides.

Some tips for creating LibGuides for kids:

  • Use readable, clear font
  • Keep text to a minimum
  • Use images that convey meaning
  • Embed videos
  • Use color in ways that help guide students
  • Get kids’ attention with fun polls

Do you have an awesome LibGuide for kids? Let us know about it! Share it with us at Facebook or Twitter!

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