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Request a LibAnswers v2 Beta Site!

We’re happy to announce that LibAnswers site admins can now request a LibAnswers v2 beta site via your LibAnswers v1 Admin dashboard!

LA2 Beta Site Request Button Image

Inspired by the same ideas that made LibGuides v2 possible, we’ve redesigned LibAnswers from the ground up – and we’re confident that the new version will set new standards in virtual reference management. We’ll give you the quick breakdown of all the new features below, but trust us – the new system really has to be seen to be believed!

A few quick notes about the beta site request process:

  • Your beta site will be a “blank slate” (meaning no content in it) so you can get familiar with the system and start planning your content transition.
  • Your previous site customizations will not translate to the new site framework. You’ll need to start fresh (and thanks to the new template and customization options, this will be a whole lot easier!)
  • Beta sites are outfitted with temporary communication channels (email, chat, etc.) to use for getting familiar with your site (so your live site remains your live site)
  • Once you click Submit Beta Request, we’ll do our best to install your beta site within 30 days of the original request.

But enough with the small talk – on to the v2 features!

Queues to the Rescue!

Queues are here, and they’re on a mission – to fight the forces of information overload. Queues give your site a big dose of efficiency – they’ll help you funnel questions to the right departments and people, and reduce the signal-to-noise ratio for your staff.

  • Channel Tickets to the right queues with the route that’s right for you:
    • Communication streams – Use a dedicated email address, unique question forms, an answer to a question on a shared question form, SMS numbers, twitter account, etc.
    • Self-selection – Your question forms can direct tickets to the right queue, based on intel your patrons provide.
    • Custom Forms – Create unique forms and collect customized information for different queues
  • User Permissions – Create the right level of access to the abilities and features of each queue. Assign each staff member access, per queue, to:
    • Claim & Answer Tickets
    • Publish Public FAQs
    • Admin Settings (just for that queue)
  • Targeted Notifications – Decide who to notify when new tickets arrive in each queue.

Each LibAnswers platform comes equipped with one queue. Optionally, you can add any number of additional queues – contact us at for pricing (hint – it’s only a nominal cost to add queues for departments within an individual library, and very affordable to add queues for different libraries within a single campus).

Plus, LibAnswers v2 has a lot more in store:

Streamlined Content Organization

  • Group public FAQs – Your public FAQs can be “Grouped” into searchable sub-sets of the overall FAQ. Add as many groups as you need – each gets its own:
    • Custom Layout – Our new template options make customizing layouts super easy!
    • Look and Feel – Each group gets its own homepage, topics, banner, custom code, etc.
    • Visibility Setting – Groups can be public (available to anyone) or internal (requires a site login to view).
  • Questions Restructured – we overhauled the way we treat questions in LibAnswers:
    • Questions (aka Tickets) that patrons ask are “private” no matter how they come in.
    • Ticket answers can become the base for public FAQs
  • Statistics Restructured – Those question changes have exciting implications for statistics:
    • All Ticket stats are stored together – Date & time stats, turnaround time, question method, etc.
    • All public FAQ stats are stored together too – Public FAQ views, up/down votes, views by topic, etc.

Simplified and Enhanced Librarian Views

  • Enhanced Question Collaboration – New question statuses and an improved answer page layout make it easier to collaborate on answers
  • Revised Dashboard – It’s easier to scan for the info you need, and you’ll love the new Quick Look feature.
  • All New APIs – grab any data from your LibAnswers site and display it anywhere using our new RESTful, JSON-based APIs.

Improved Look and Feel Options

  • New Look and Feel – Responsive Design that’s beautiful from the get go – thanks to Bootstrap 3, there are no longer separate “mobile” versus “desktop” views of your FAQ. Your site adjusts to render beautifully on any device!
  • Simplified Site Customization – Customize your LibAnswers pages with our brand new templating engine – we’ve made it super simple to display your pages exactly as you’d like to see them!

Plus a bevy of frequently requested features:

  • Improved cc options – now it’s easy to cc additional librarians and patrons on answers
  • User “Away” Setting – What, they let you take vacation?! Set your status to “away” to prevent questions from being assigned to you while you’re enjoying that hard-earned break.
  • Publish and unpublish public FAQs – Set your FAQs to automatically expire / publish themselves – just pick the dates, and your FAQs will become published and unpublished all by themselves!
  • Add a stat to Analytics at any time (instead of only the first time a question is answered / replied to)


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