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Announcing the newest Springshare product – LibStapler is here!

The next major innovation from your friends at Springshare is here! We’re moving into the physical realm and introducing LibStapler – the stapler that not only staples, but provides all the great features, statistics, and support you expect from a Springshare product.

Here’s a quick taste of what LibStapler has to offer:

  • SMS Alerts – Whether its low staple alerts, breakdown notices, or just to say “Hi!”, LibStapler updates you in real time via SMS.
  • Advanced Diagnostics – Breakdown got you down? Our advanced diagnostics will tell you exactly where that rogue staple is jammed, and the ideal extraction method.
  • Beautiful Statistics –  Get up-to-the-minute reports on staple usage, total stapler uptime, unique users stapling, etc.
  • Built in Video Monitoring – Catch that person trying to staple 20 pages in the act! Plus, our proprietary facial recognition software identifies repeat offenders in advance, stopping problem behaviors before the start.

And if that’s not enough, we’re proud to offer a number of optional add-on modules:

  • Card Swipe Integration – make sure every last staple is paid for.
  • RFID – get rid of annoying chains and strings with integrated RFID and hand-held geolocators.
  • Keypad – ensure responsible staple users thanks to full LDAP integration.

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