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Updates Regarding the Support Form

Several LibGuides users have had questions about our support form recently, specifically asking who receives the emails when a user clicks the “report a tech support issue” link at the bottom of a LibGuides page.  Since this question was becoming fairly common, we figured it would be a good idea to post a reminder on the support blog about how the form is configured.

If the visitor selects the first option on the form – “I am a student or library patron in need of assistance from the library” – the question is sent directly to the primary administative email for your LibGuide site. In most cases, this will be the email address of the first account holder in your LibGuides system, although that can be changed to point to another user or distribution list as needed.

If the visitor selects the second option – “I am a librarian or LibGuides account holder in need of technical support” – the email is sent to the Springshare support account, as well as the primary admin for the site.  This is the preferred way for librarians and administrators to request help from Springshare, but users are also welcome to email us directly or call our tech support line as well.  We have also added the Springshare support email address to the support form itself, just in case a user is unable to use the form or would prefer to send a direct email.

On a related note, we have found that some messages submitted via the support form over the last week may not have been delivered properly.  If you had submitted a support request recently, and have not yet received a response from our support team, please resend your question to and we will respond to your question as soon as possible.

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