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Monthly LibGuides Stats – December 2010

A relaxing December put a cap on a very exciting 2010, where our LibGuides community grew by 800 member libraries and over 11,000 librarians!  Thank you very much to all the LibGuides, CampusGuides, CommunityGuides, and LibAnswers users out there – it has been a pleasure working with all of you…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – November 2010

Community Sites: 1764 Librarian Accounts: 26,386 Total Guides: 128,272 Total Pages: 829,040 Unique Visitors: 2.08 million Page Views: 51.75 million

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – October 2010

This month we are happy to report that the LibGuides / CampusGuides community has surpassed two million unique visitors in a month for the first time! Combine that with our highest ever monthly page-view total, and its easy to see our community is growing faster than ever! Community Sites: 1710…

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Springy News – October 2010

The theme for our October newsletter is “mobile”! As a premier provider of useful (and cool) web apps for libraries we want to make sure we got your mobile needs covered as well. We released the mobile version of LibGuides, and the reviews have been uniformly great. We did not…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – September 2010

In September the LibGuides community surpassed 50 million page views for the first time. Yikes – that’s a lot of page views! Community Sites: 1663 Librarian Accounts: 24,499 Total Guides: 116,034 Total Pages: 748,598 Unique Visitors: 1.85 million Page Views: 52.89 million

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – August 2010

Viewing the numbers from last month, its pretty clear that our community is ramping up for another school year with LibGuides and CampusGuides!  In August we saw the creation of our 100,000th research guide, and very soon our page total will go over the 700,000 mark and our membership will…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – July 2010

Community Sites: 1524 Librarian Accounts: 22,088 Total Guides: 99,618 Total Pages: 643,088 Unique Visitors: 871,431 Page Views: 24 million

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – June 2010

The calendar may say its summer vacation, but the LibGuides / CampusGuides community is growing faster than ever.  We set another record last month, adding 90 (ninety!) new libraries to our member list, and we couldn’t be more excited! Community Sites: 1445 Librarian Accounts: 20,862 Total Guides: 93,597 Total Pages:…

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Spring 2010 Code Updates

As some of you have surely noticed by now, we released some pretty significant updates to LibGuides, LibAnswers and CampusGuides over the last weekend.  These updates represent several months of work from our talented tech team, along with dozens of suggestions from our LG / LA / CG user communities!…

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Monthly LibGuides Stats – April 2010

This month we celebrated the 3 year anniversary of the first LibGuides site being installed. Thanks to all our community members for helping to create a truly amazing resource for students around the world! Community Sites: 1274 Librarian Accounts: 19,754 Total Guides: 85,260 Total Pages: 542,293 Unique Visitors: 1.43 million…

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