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LibGuides Webinars – Call For Ideas

As many of you know, we are currently conducting a series of “User Experience” webinars in cooperation with the super-cool and very knowledgeable Kristiana Burk of We will record and archive these (as well as all future LibGuides webinars) so that you can watch them offline if unable to participate. The first couple of webinars are our ‘test-bed’ of sorts, to help us master the platform and the recording process. If some glitches occur in the archiving of the first few webinars we apologize in advance – we’ll make sure to resolve any issues going forward.

We also have many LibGuides webinars planned for the next year. For example, we’re planning a “LibGuides by the users, for the users” webinar series. The idea is to feature our libraries who are doing cool things with their LibGuides and wish to share their experience with the community. Some topics we hope to cover are: courseware integration, the system customizations, innovative use of the system, faculty/librarian interaction, etc. – whatever topics our community finds interesting we’ll try to organize a webinar around it.  This way our libraries can share and discuss their LibGuides knowledge and experience, and everybody can learn a lot in the process. Think of these webinars as ALA Poster Sessions about LibGuides, only cooler and organized online 🙂

If you are interested in presenting at one of these webinars, please drop us a line (support at springshare dot com) and let us know what you’d like to talk about. We’d love to hear from you and – more importantly – we’d love to feature you and your LibGuides system in our webinars. Thanks in advance.

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