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Monthly LibGuides Stats – September 2008

Here are the most recent cummulative stats for the LibGuides community.

Community Sites: 362
Librarian Accounts: 6218
Total Guides: 17,101
Total Pages: 112,669
Unique Visitors: 246,513

An important milestone was reached in the month of September – as a community, our members have now published over 100,000 pages of content within LibGuides!  Lucky page #100,000 can be found on Jeremy Cusker’s Operations Research and Information Engineering guide in the Cornell University LibGuides system.

I should also mention that the number of unique visitors to LibGuides more than tripled from August to September, and our total page views peaked at over 8 million for the month!  Its safe to say that school is definitely back in session, and the popularity of LibGuides is really taking off!

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