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Problems with boxes inside LibGuides

Several users have sent us emails in the last few days asking why their boxes, which used to work fine, are now only showing a very limited set of tags. After looking into the issue in depth, the conclusion is that – for now – we can’t do anything about this because it’s a problem with the api code. We get tags to display in LibGuides by using  the code provided by,  and that worked fine ever since we introduced the feature (we never changed the code) until this week when things suddenly stopped working properly. folks are clearly changing the code on their end, and it is our hope that this is only because they are gearing up for the launch of v2, i.e. the new version and are just going thru some last minute reshuffling/changing of code and the API. There are many other people, unrelated to LibGuides, that are having the same problem (see ).

So, we’ll just have to be a bit patient and see if they fix this soon because they know it’s a problem. If not, we will have to think of other ways to extract this information and show it inside LibGuides boxes. This will be a rather difficult to do  without the delicious code working properly.

Stay tuned… We apologize for this problem, and wish that other web 2.0 services were as reliable as LibGuides 😉

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