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Improved Guide Layout

Based on user feedback we have made a few changes to the guide layout. The result is a cleaner and more standardized interface for visitors who are looking at your LibGuides.

New Guide Layout

1) We have added “breadcrumbs” in the upper left corner, just below the banner. Here, visitors will find links back to the LibGuides homepage, and back to your institution’s homepage.

2) The search box is now centered on the page, in the shaded stripe below the tabs, making it more visible.

3) We have added a really cool widget from enabling visitors to share the link to your guides with others. They can bookmark the guide, email it to someone, or add it to a whole bunch of social networking sites. It’s a pretty cool widget and it adds a neat functionality to your guides. This is how the widget looks when the user hovers over the “Share” button's share button

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