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Full Text Search in LibGuides

We’re pleased to announce the availability of full-text search in LibGuides. The full text search is available on individual LibGuides sites as well as for the community site (if you haven’t checked out the community site yet, what are you waiting for? – Unlike our previous search function which only searched the guide titles/descriptions/tags, the new search is true full text, i.e. it searches all content in LibGuides.

The search is a) blazingly fast, and b) relevance-based, but in order to make it so we had to make one compromise – your newly published guides will not be searchable immediately after they’ve been published. The search is similar to google search, i.e. we index the search content periodically – once a day to start with, but as we improve our search technology the indexing will happen several times per day.

There are still a few little issues to work out so we’ll consider this a “beta” search release. If you encounter problems or issues please let us know.

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