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LibGuides Basic Training – Jan 27th

Please join me on January 27th at 2pm Eastern for the first Open LibGuides Training Webinar!  This Training Session will focus on the basic steps of creating guides, adding content, and managing your LibGuides page via the new Command Bar.  Reservations are not required, although you are welcome to RSVP via the Springshare Lounge if you would like to let us know you will be attending.

To join the meeting:

If you have never attended a Connect Pro meeting before, please test your connection before entering the meeting:

We look forward to seeing you there!

User-Experience Webinar Series

Springshare and will be hosting a series of webinars focusing on User Experience.  The first of which;  Eye-popping Content, will be held this Thursday at 3pm EST.   We will determine and post the dates of the other sessions soon.  If you are interested in joining the webinar please e-mail and we will send you the web conferencing access information.  A brief description of each webinar is given below.  Each Webinar will be given by Kristiana Burk, Channel Director at We look forward to having you join us!

User Experience Webinar 1 –  October 16 @ 3pm EST.  Eye-popping Content: Creating a User-friendly Framework
You’ve got it all – databases, articles, videos, books, recommended links. So how do you package it in a way that not only satisfies your users’ information needs but encourages browsing?  Learn practical techniques and ideas for building a user-friendly and contextual framework for the web while using the resources at your fingertips.

User Experience Webinar 2 – November 6 @ 3pm EST.  Organizing Content for Success: Taxonomies for the Everyday User
If you are a librarian, chances are you know what “cookery” stands for.  But will your user?  When organizing content for today’s Web generation, it’s important to build navigation schemas that are practical and user-friendly.  Learn simple – and fun – techniques for creating taxonomies for the everyday user.

User Experience Webinar 3 – November @ 3pm EST.  It’s all about the User: Practical Personas
If you build it they will come, right?  Wrong.  Learn how a few simple steps of planning and research before you build content or market your services to users can make a big difference.

User Experience Webinar 4 – November 20 @ 3pm EST.  Mix It Up: a Thematic Approach to Organizing Your Resources
Many information-seekers group their searches and queries in the form of topics, phrases and subject patterns.  Learn how to organize your content – drawing from the educational technique of thematic units and pathfinders – in a way that will better engage your users’ curiosity.

User Experience Webinar 5 – December 4 @ 3pm EST.  The Search Is On: Why Labels Matter
Does is really matter how you label that guide, module, link or article?  What about the tags you use? Learn how simple things like labels can make a difference in search to drive traffic and return visits.

User Experience Webinar 6 – January 8 @ 3pm EST.  Serving a New Generation: Exploring Web 2.0 and Beyond
Generation X,Y,Z – how they communicate, digest and share information on the web is unique.  Learn how to leverage tools like Twitter, FriendFeed, WIMZI, Facebook, Digg and more to reach this active community of users.

User Experience Webinar 7 – January 22 @ 3pm EST.  Taking it to the Next Level: Layered Content
You’ve pulled together your first set of subject guides using some of the core resources from your collection.  Learn how to use “layered content” like image galleries, top 10 lists, quizzes and more to drive page views while creating a more holistic view of a topic.

User Experience Webinar 8 – January 15 @ 3pm EST.  The Information Amusement Park: Make Learning Fun
Discovering information doesn’t have to be boring. Learn how to incorporate different types of marketing and browsing techniques, editorial calendars, scavenger hunts, polls, and more to encourage page views and return visitors.

Kristiana Burk holds an ALA-accredited MLS degree with a minor in Corporate Knowledge Management & Information Architecture from the University of Kentucky and a Bachelors degree in Education. She has 10 years experience in the information technology space including roles in product management, information architecture, and user experience design and consulting. Kristiana has overseen the direction and design for a variety of portal, search, and content products and currently works with as Channel Director.  She has also managed Content and Creative Teams in the development and management of content and web-based products that support a variety of public interfaces. Kristiana’s passion is creating and improving user-centered products whether that is for a corporation, everyday users, librarians or K-12 students.

An Exciting Content Partnership with

The Springshare Team would like to announce that, the Web site famous for its easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works, will be working with the LibGuides product as our first content partner.  HowStuffWorks will create free multimedia “Hot Topic” Guides for library users of all ages.  The HowStuffWorks portfolio of Guides is already available at for:

HowStuffWorks is developing even more guides slated to be available in Fall 2008 including:

  • World History
  • Government & Politics
  • Weather &  Natural Disasters
  • Home Improvement / DIY
  • Gardening
  • Recipes
  • Cooking 101
  • Auto Repair
  • Space & Solar System
  • Classic Cars
  • Adventure
  • Travel
  • Small Business
  • Health & Fitness

The guides have been created by Kristiana Burk, a former librarian and teacher who holds an ALA-accredited MLS from the University of Kentucky. She is currently Channel Director at HowStuffWorks and welcomes any ideas or requests for more information at  Librarians and subscribers to LibGuides are encouraged to copy HowStuffWorks guides in their entirety, enhance the template guides with their own programming and resources or pull certain articles and video links from them to create their own customized guide on a given topic.  Enjoy!