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Cross ‘Watch Patron Point Webinar’ Off Your To-Do List

It's the human condition to always overestimate how much time we have. "I'll get to that tomorrow," we tell ourselves. Tomorrow becomes next week, and that becomes next month, and so on and so forth. Until suddenly, December is around the corner and the end of the year is nigh - and we go into full rushing-around-mode trying to fit everything we wanted to get done by year's end into just a couple of weeks.

Well, have no fear - there's no rush to watch any of the Springshare webinar recordings by the end of 2023. They're not going to disappear, so you still have plenty of time. But if you're like us, and you want to knock off that professional development line item from your to-do list, these 40-min webinar recordings are just the ticket to getting something accomplished quick and easy. And even better, you can pause the recording to finish more pressing tasks and come back to finish it whenever it suits you.

Meet the newest member of the Springshare suite of tools!

Patron Point, a fully featured email marketing automation platform, helps your library onboard new patrons, engage current users, and reinvigorate inactive patrons by sending highly personalized emails.

Earlier this month, we hosted two webinars highlighting how you can use Patron Point at your library. In case you missed it, and want to learn more, the webinar recordings are now available!

Note: All videos are password-protected. Contact for the password.

Patron Point for Public Libraries

This recording focuses on the public library use case, including automated marketing email campaigns for renewing expired library cards, graduating a teen patron to an adult library card holder, and using Patron Point Verify™ for online library card registration.

Patron Point for All Libraries

This recording focuses more on Academic, School, and Special Libraries and their specific use cases like automated marketing emails for welcoming new incoming students, automated emails to graduating seniors, and ways to get faculty and outside constituencies informed and engaged.

What's Patron Point?

If you missed our previous announcements, here's a quick blurb about Patron Point and what it can do for your library.

With Patron Point:

  • Connect to your ILS and segment patron groups in any number of ways to send personalized, timely email messages.
  • Enable online library card registration and renewals with automated reminders.
  • Welcome new patrons with a series of welcome emails highlighting your full range of services.
  • Send attractive ILS notices with beautifully branded emails showcasing cross-promotional events, services, and more.
  • Turn your newsletter into user-targeted emails with dynamic content that delivers personalized versions tailored to their preferences and interests.
  • Send new title recommendations using subject-based criteria automatically to patrons.
  • Re-engage inactive users with automated emails encouraging them to come back.

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