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SpringyCamp Day One: 72 Hours Away!

It's going to be August 1 tomorrow. Yup, you read that right. August 1 is tomorrow! If that's making you feel like this summer has been flying by, join the club. Here at SpringyHQ, we can't believe we're already more than halfway through 2023. But, if you're hanging on by your fingernails as time quite literally flies by, there is something to look forward to as the clock ticks on at lightning speed - SpringyCamp Day One is almost here!

What is SpringyCamp?

SpringyCamp is our totally free virtual user conference where you get to hear how other libraries and institutions from around the world are using their Springshare tools in interesting and innovative ways. This year's SpringyCamp is broken into a two-day event, with Day One in just a few days on Thursday, Aug 3.

We're doing something different this year! You are strongly encouraged to come to the all-day online event but if that's not possible, come to the sessions that work with your schedule! If you plan to do the latter, we recommend that you arrive a few minutes before that session's scheduled start time so that you don't miss anything.

SpringyCamp is an event for current Springshare users or folks who are interested in using Springshare tools.

To view the lineup, please sign-in using your Springshare Tools account. If you don't have one and want to view the lineup, email us at

Creating Stronger Communities with Springshare

When we did a call for speakers, we noticed a consistent theme in the submissions: Community. Presenters this year explore how Springshare Tools help strengthen communities but also how the Springshare community can be used to improve greater outcomes and user experiences. Plus, it wouldn't be a Springshare event if we didn't bring our internal Springy community to you - with special 'behind-the-scenes' goodies just for you. Learn all about what we've got planned for the future with our Springshare Roadmap including new features like Interactive Tutorials in LibWizard and the new  NPS® Module in LibAnswers.

Plus, it wouldn't be camp without some fun activities:

Explore Day One Lineup!
All times listed in US Eastern Time

  • (Springshare-Led Session) 12:00pm: Opening Remarks and Springy Roadmap
    Learn all about our plans for new features and functionality for all Springshare Tools - for the rest of this year and into 2024! This session will give you a broad overview of all the new things we’re planning on offering to your Springshare tools!
  • 12:25pm: A Very Springy Web Makeover
    Brian Holda, Calvin University Hekman Library
  • 1:00pm: Welcome Stephenbot: Implementing Chatbot at Maritime College
    Lauren Bradley, SUNY Maritime College
  • (Springshare-Led Session) 1:25pm: Learn more about NPS in LibAnswers
    We're excited to announce the LibAnswers NPS® (Net Promoter® Score) Module is coming soon! This add-on module will help you poll your users about their perception of the library's services. The NPS® Module can provide robust insights and data points to help you further improve your services to meet users' needs.
  • 1:35pm: How to Leverage LibCal to Maximize Museum Pass Usage in a Public Library
    Justin Sanchez, Greenburgh Public Library
  • 1:55pm: Baking Resource Accessibility and Branding into Your LibGuides with a Custom Blueprint Guide
    Rachel Evans, University of Georgia Law Library
  • (Springshare-Led Session) 2:10pm: Learn more about LibWizard's Interactive Tutorials
    With LibWizard interactive tutorials, you’ll be able to add annotative components to your tutorial slides including callouts, questions, embedded videos, hotspots, and more.
  • 2:20pm: Using LibWizard to Enhance Information Literacy for Undergraduates
    Robert Burgess, Mississippi College
  • (Springshare-Led Session) 2:35pm: Spooky Springy Stories
    Join us as Springy Meg brings us some spooktacular library hauntings.
  • 2:45pm: Beyond the Library: Building a Digital Exhibit with LibGuides CMS
    Ann Merryman and Laura Karas, University of South Carolina Upstate
  • 3:10pm: Reconsidering LibGuides: From Pathfinders to Learning Opportunities
    Edward Gloor and Carolina Hernandez, University of Houston

Don't Wait! Sign-up now for SpringyCamp Day One!

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But That's Not All - There's a Day Two Too!

While Day One of SpringyCamp is just a few days away, there's a whole other full day of SpringyCamp next week! Sign-up for one, or the other, or both! It's two days of Spring'tastic presentations you won't want to miss!

Register for SpringyCamp Day Two!

Can't Attend Live?

We get it, the US Eastern time zone definitely doesn't work for everyone and while we would love to see you there, we also want to make sure you're getting your well-deserved sleep! If you can't attend live, do sign-up to receive an alert when the recording is available!

We hope to see you at SpringyCamp this year, and remember to bring your camping gear, marshmallow sticks for roasting s'mores, and your favorite mosquito repellant for this year's 'not to be missed' event!

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