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LibCal Seats: Reopening Entire Campuses, Safely

For many of you, you’ve been using LibCal Seats in your libraries for months now. It helped you reopen your buildings, with occupancy restrictions to control how many people were inside at any given time, and it helped you with track & trace protocols with detailed check-in/out functionality.

But what you might not know, is that LibCal Seats is being used beyond the library. Many campus IT departments saw what the library was doing, and said, hey that could work for us! So kudos to your innovation which helps inspire others! FIT uses LibCal Seats to safely reopen their campus labs and studios with a system called Book It. The University of Michigan uses LibCal Seats across their campuses, including for their dining hall – so students can even reserve a seat in the cafeteria

FIT’s Book It webpage with detailed instructions on how to use LibCal Seats to make on-campus reservations.

EDUCAUSE Webinar with The New School

To that end, we touched based with The New School who used LibCal Seats to reopen computer labs, equipment rental spaces, and maker centers. They launched LibCal Seats, campus-wide, in just three weeks. If you’d like to learn how they did it, join us for this free EDUCAUSE webinar, and learn how Kayla and Marcus implemented LibCal Seats campus-wide.

Spread The Word!

Librarians are not only resourceful, but also inspiring. So many of your workarounds, implementations, and projects inspire others within your institution to do the same. You won’t believe how many emails we get from non-libraries saying things like, “We noticed our library on campus was using…. and we’d like to use it too!”

If you think LibCal Seats would be useful for other departments outside your Library or useful for campus or institution-wide deployment, spread the word! Share this handy help guide or forward this blog post along.

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