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Coming Soon: LibCal Interactive Mapping!

A couple of weeks ago, SpringyNews readers were treated to a sneak peek of our new, optional LibCal mapping module slated for April launch. We’re sharing more info about it today, including an awesome video below showing the maps in action.

Functional, Interactive Maps That Put Your Users First

Book an available study room from a map

Our mapping module adds a new “wow!” factor to the process of booking library spaces and seats. With it, students and patrons select their desired booking time and are presented with interactive maps showing real-time space/seat availabilities throughout the building.

With LibCal’s mapping features, users can:

  • Navigate the building map to see bookable areas & their availability.
    • Space/seat colors indicate availability based on the user’s time and date selection.
    • Information bubbles show availability, capacity, and power and accessibility options.
  • “Enter” a building wing to see its rooms, tables, computers, e.g.
    • Book a preferred space or seat based on its location in relation to other spaces and seats
    • If a room has bookable seats inside, clicking on its area will open a new map with those options.
  • Get a clear sense of where everything is located before even entering the building.
  • Receive a directions map in a booking confirmation email for spaces, events, and appointments so they know exactly where they are headed when they arrive.

Our consulting team will work closely with you to produce beautiful, scalable maps that look great on desktop or on mobile (or if you already have maps that look great, send them over and skip this step), and then we’ll add interactive areas to it – i.e. the study, event, and meeting rooms, individual armchairs, and study carrels. Each hotspot area will be associated with corresponding zones, spaces, seats, and appointment and event locations in LibCal. Ask us to learn more about this process!

Video of Booking via Interactive Maps (No Audio)

Link a zone map to a space, seat, event or
appointment location, or another map

Interactive Maps = A Better Booking Experience For Users

Interactive maps not only improve the booking experience but they also help inform the user where they need to go in the library to get to their desired space. This means they will know exactly which entrance to use, what stairway or elevator to take, and where to go to reach their study or meeting room, computer, or study carrel.

Directional Maps for Events & Appointments

The LibCal mapping module also includes directional maps for events and appointments. The system automatically generates a static map showing the location of each event space, so when a user registers for an onsite event, the confirmation email also contains the link to the map showing the exact location of this space within the building.

The same is true for the appointment scheduler – the user will get the appointment confirmation email with the link to the map showing where the appointment will be held.

With these awesome directional maps, your users will always know where to go once they enter the building and can quickly locate the space once they arrive.

Learn More

Our LibCal team is putting the finishing touches on the mapping code in the next few weeks, and we are super excited to share the end result with you. If you are as excited about this new module, too, have questions for us, or just generally want to learn more, please drop us a line!

Also, we want to give a special shout out to the awesome librarians at EKU Libraries who sent us their maps and allowed us to use them in our demos. Thank you!

Last but not least – send us your maps, too – if you’d like to be an early adopter and send us your existing maps please let us know.

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