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Talia Richards-Resendes
Vice President of Marketing


Springshare Responds to Remarkable Shift to Online Library Services

Supports Significant Increase in Patron Usage and Library Need During COVID-19

MIAMI (April 29, 2020) - As libraries across the globe quickly pivoted to online services in response to the pandemic, Springshare today shares some early numbers illustrating the size of this sudden change in library services and how it has supported their efforts thus far.

Key highlights include:

  • Since March 2020, Springshare recorded increases of 119%, 61%, and 233% in incoming chats, submitted tickets, and FAQs created in LibAnswers, respectively, compared to March - April 2019. More than 27,000 new guides were created in LibGuides: roughly a 103% increase compared to last year.
  • Springshare has closely worked with libraries quickly transitioning to the LibAnswers 24/7 Chat Cooperative. Since the global cooperative’s release on February 28, 2020, institutions have fielded over 5,677 chats that would have otherwise been unanswered.
  • Springshare donated its platform to the Librarian Reserve Corps, an international volunteer network of over 120 medical, public health, and health science librarians supporting the World Health Organization (WHO) and the WHO ​Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN)​ with their urgent information needs related to COVID-19. Their sites were installed in just over 24 hours.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected us all. These usage statistics show how critical it is for librarians to be able to share essential information online while they’re unable to provide in-person assistance,” said Chief Springy Slaven Zivkovic. “Each one of these numbers represents a person who was helped during this crisis. We’ve worked diligently to support the librarians helping these patrons so they can answer questions, share updates, and meet with them from anywhere.”

In addition to Springshare’s ​official update on the pandemic​, it has responded with the following:

  • As support tickets skyrocketed, the team adjusted its internal processes to ensure swift responses. Customer queries are up 27% year over year since March 2020 and the majority of questions are fully answered and closed within one business day.
  • The team launched a new training series dedicated to libraries transitioning to online learning and reference and managing remote workplaces. In March, training attendance was up 198% and video viewership increased by 211% compared to March 2019.
  • The team bolstered infrastructure to support increased usage to handle the extra load.

“It’s been an all hands on deck effort from the Springshare team,” continued Zivkovic. “​New sites have launched​ in less than a week, we’re developing online only features, we’re answering an unprecedented number of support questions, and we’re creating new virtual help training sessions. We promise to continue to provide stellar tools and superior customer support to help libraries navigate this difficult period.”

About Patron Point

Patron Point is a fully featured patron relationship management system that helps public libraries around the world attract, onboard, inform, engage, and retain library customers through targeted marketing and automated engagement. Libraries can benefit from a foundation of Proven Programs™ or create their own workflows that are customized to their communities and needs. 

About Springshare

Springshare helps libraries and educational institutions elevate their online presence to better serve and engage their users online. Founded in 2007, Springshare serves over 7,500 institutions across more than 100 countries.   

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