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Sign up for a LibCal v2 Beta Site!

We’re happy to announce that LibCal site admins can now request a LibCal v2 beta site via your Libcal v1 Admin dashboard!


Inspired by the same ideas that made LibGuides and LibAnswers v2 possible, we’ve redesigned LibCal from the ground up. We’ll give you the quick breakdown of all the new features below, but trust us – the new system really has to be seen to be believed!

A few quick notes about the beta site request process:

  • Your beta site will be a “blank slate” (meaning no content in it) so you can get familiar with the system and start planning your content transition.
  • Your previous site customizations will not translate to the new site framework. You’ll need to start fresh (and thanks to the new template and customization options, this will be a whole lot easier!)
  • Once you click Submit Beta Request, we’ll do our best to install your beta site within 30 days of the original request.

But enough with the small talk – on to the v2 features!

Room Booking Made Easy

  • Authentication Support – New for v2, we’re excited to introduce user authentication support for room booking sign-ups. Powered by LDAP and Shibboleth (CAS coming soon), users are prompted for their campus/institution credentials during the room booking sign-up process. We’ll verify the user’s credentials are real – if they are, we’ll pull key pieces of information (like their name, email address, etc.) into the room booking form. Better security + better user experience = what’s not to love?!
  • Calendar Event Integration – Calendar events and room bookings are a whole lot more integrated! When you add a new event, the “event location” field is now tied directly to the spaces you create in the Room Booking module. Choose a location, and we’ll check to make sure it’s available – and if it is, we’ll add a room reservation on behalf of the event, so no one else can book it down the road. 🙂
  • Repeating Room Bookings – Need to reserve a space based on a repeating schedule? We’ve added the option for admins to reserve a room/space with just a couple of clicks!

Oh Scheduler, MyScheduler

  • Redesigned Scheduler Page – We’re introducing an all new way for patrons to book time with your librarians. Our all new combined MyScheduler display begins by prompting a patron for their ideal meeting time. We’ll scan MyScheduler availability for all of your librarians and match them up with a librarian available during the time they select.
  • New Registration Form Fields – We’ve added a bevy of new form options to the MyScheduler sign-up form. Prompt users for additional identifying information, their research and appointment goals, etc. using our new radio, select, and checkbox options.
  • New In-Page Widgets – Embed any librarian’s MyScheduler availability directly in-page, with our new and improved widget options.

Calendars and Events

  • Automated Email Reminders – Create automated emails to send to event registrants before and/or after any event! This makes it super simple to send out a reminder to all registered attendees before an event, send out a feedback survey after an event, etc.
  • Get Social! – Publicize your events using our integrated Facebook and Twitter options.
  • Color Code it! – Assign a color to event categories, and all events assigned to that category adopt the color you choose.
  • Late Night? Alright! – For all you night-owls out there, we’ve made it easy to create events that go past midnight.
  • Event Registration Updates – including:
    • Prevent duplicate emails from registering for the same event
    • Open Event Registrations on the date you choose
    • Limit Registrations by domain, per calendar (previously available system-wide)
    • Email Notifications for instructors/presenters, etc. when a user registers for an event (optional).

Improved Look and Feel Options

  • New Look and Feel – Responsive Design that’s beautiful from the get go – thanks to Bootstrap 3, there are no longer separate “mobile” versus “desktop” views of your calendars, events, etc. Your site adjusts to render beautifully on any device!
  • Simplified Site Customization – Customize your LibCal pages with our brand new templating engine – we’ve made it super simple to display your pages exactly as you’d like to see them!

Plus a bevy of frequently requested features:

  • Expanded Statistics, including:
    • Improved integrations between calendar statistics and the event explorer
    • Added “User Showed Up” to statistics and booking explorer
    • Room Booking Statistics now include Hourly and Daily stats
    • Added Excel Export option for all stats, and retooled the stat filtering options so you can grab exactly the fields you’re interested in
  • Hours Templates now include a free-text entry field.
  • Revamped Email Templates – our new mustache-based email options make custom emails a snap!

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