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LibAnswers v2 Beta Sites – Migration Sign-up Now Available!

Attention LibAnswers v2 Beta Sites: v1 – v2 migration sign-ups start today! To choose your migration date, sign in to your v2 Beta Site and click the big green button – “Information about Migrating to LibAnswers v2”.


Excited? Us too! But remember – the migration date you select will effectively be the GO LIVE date for your v2 system – so choose carefully! Before migration day arrives, you’ll want to do a few things in advance:

  • Pre-Migrate your key content (using the handy new tools in your LibAnswers v2 Beta Site Migration page)
    • User Accounts
    • Public FAQs
    • LibChat Departments
  • Prep replacement Widgets & API calls, and be ready to swap them in place of your v1 Widget & APIs on migration day
  • If you use a Custom Domain (anything other than for your site, you’ll need to arrange a domain transfer with your local IT department for *the same day* as your site migration

For loads more information and tools to help with all your migration needs, head to our help guide – (must be logged in to LibApps to view).

2 thoughts on “LibAnswers v2 Beta Sites – Migration Sign-up Now Available!”

    1. Hi Vicki –
      I took a look at your LibAnswers site, and it looks like you folks haven’t signed up for a v2 beta site yet – you’ll want to do that step before scheduling the migration. To sign up for a v2 beta, log in to LibAnswers and click the button for “LibAnswers V2 Beta request”, then click “Submit Beta Request”. We have more information on the entire migration process available at (you’ll need to be logged in to LibApps to view).
      Thanks, hope this helps!

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