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LibChat Under the Hood Update Now Live!

We’ve been hard at work on the next generation of LibChat, and we’re thrilled to report that part 1 – our major under-the-hood rewrite – is now live! This update is all about improving the general back-end performance of LibChat, so you may not “see” much new stuff at first – we’re saving the major widget improvements and additional updates for later this summer. Here are the changes we’re rolling out now:

  • We’ve rewritten the core of LibChat from the inside out – But don’t worry, any existing widgets will still work as they always have.
  • Online/Offline behavior is now directly tied to the chat window – We know, it happens. Now, if you close the chat operator window without clicking “GO OFFLINE”, no worries – your status will remain accurate.
  • New “pop out” option in all patron chat widgets – Now all chats can be floated on top of the existing window instead of being embedded inside. If your patron navigates away from the current page, no sweat!
  • New help text in chat widgets – we’ve added a helpful “press enter to send” message to the public chat widgets
  • Terminate Operator Session (Admins Only) – We’ve all been there – anxious to leave at the end of the day, you forget to close your browser window; when you get home, you realize your chat service still appears available. No worries – head to Admin Stuff > LibChat > Who’s Online and click Terminate Session – this remotely closes your browser window.
    • Please use this feature with care, as it will end any existing patron chats when the chat window closes.

As a result of this update, several commonly-reported bugs have been eradicated, including:

  • New patron chats won’t “flicker” in the operator pane
  • You’ll no longer see chat duplication in the operator pane

Stay tuned for part 2 of the LibChat update later this summer – we’ll be revamping the widget builder and adding all manner of new features!

2 thoughts on “LibChat Under the Hood Update Now Live!”

  1. New LibChat: when you click on the turn LibChat it opens a new browser and not a new tab. I don’t like having more that one browser open, I like everything open in a new tab. Please fix or give option!

    1. Hi Connie –
      OK, you got it! We’ve rolled back the new window behavior for the operator chat – now things should work the way they worked previously, with the operator chat opening in a new tab. You may need to clear your browser cache to see the change. Thanks for the comment!
      Cheers, -Sarah

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