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Holiday Breaks Approaching? Let your patrons know!

Winter breaks and holiday closures are just around the corner. Here are some cool tips and tricks from the Springy Elves to help get the word out on holiday changes to your library hours.


  • Change your System Tagline – You’ve got 140 characters to communicate info on holiday closures. Instructions
  • Create a custom “Closed” Banner – Sometimes words just aren’t enough – hang up the “closed” sign! Instructions
  • Remind Staff via Admin Alert Box – Even elves need the occasional reminder that your site is going on break. Instructions


  • Set an “Away” Success Message – Questions submitted via the question form can trigger a “hey, we’re away!” alert. Instructions
  • Dont forget the SMS Auto-Responders – Make sure to let folks submitting questions via SMS know you’re away. Instructions
  • Hide the question submission form – Allow patrons to search for questions, but prevent them from submitting new questions until you’ve returned from break. Here’s how


We hope these suggestions and ideas help make it that much easier for you to relax this holiday season. Happy holidays from all of us at Springshare!

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