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LibGuides & CampusGuides Updates Now Live!

We had a code rollout last night – read on to discover the new features we’ve added!

  • E-Reserves Updates– we’ve introduced a ton of new features for the E-reserves module!
    • We’ve added a new E-Reserve Request Form option! This makes it easy to collect reserve item requests from instructors. For more information, check the FAQ, Jack.
    • We’ve added a new IP restriction option, so you can restrict the E-Reserves area by IP
    • You can now reorder E-reserve items in courses
    • You can now create E-Reserve items directly from the E-Reserve page in a guide
    • You can now create E-Reserve folders directly, independent of items
    • We added a “Course” filter on the E-Reserve Items control alrea, making it easier to manage items
  • We’ve added Hex Color Pickers across the site, making it easier to select color options
  • We’ve overhauled the Guide Layout/Colors screen, making it easier to create your guide look and feel
  • CampusGuides Clients have a new Access Restriction option: Limit access to your system to logged-in users only. In other words, only people who have an account in your CampusGuides system can view published content in your site. To enable this option, shoot us a message –
  • Credo Search Content Box – Add a search of your Credo Reference content, and display results right in your guides!  To see it in action & learn how it works, check out our help guide.
  • We also added lots of little niceties and fixes, including:
    • You can now submit the “Add Box” page by hitting enter, instead of needing to manually click “Submit”
    • We’ve added character limit warnings to several areas, including custom profile fields, adding tags, etc.
    • Discussion board posts should now reflect your local time

As always, thanks to everyone who suggested new features. Keep em coming, we love to hear from you!

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