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LibGuides & CampusGuides Updates

Let’s hear it for code updates! We can’t wait to share the latest features & updates with you, so without further ado…

Simpify. Eliminate. Integrate. (Part 1).
Check out the latest edition of Springy News for a great visual walkthrough the new SEI changes! Here’s the highlights reel:

  • Guide Index Screen – Say hello to the new central management hub for your ‘guides. 🙂 We brought the heat, and revamped the Guide Index – now, you can view and edit guide info, editors & co-owners, tags, & subject categories for your guides all in one page. There’s also a wealth of new filter, sort, & export options from the guide index screen – it’s bonkers!
  • Guide Editing Toolbar – Scroll, and the toolbar scrolls with you!
  • Change Guide Info – We’ve reorganized the guide settings menu – now, everything is in one screen, separated by tabs, so the function you want is easier to find! We’ve moved lots of things to this screen, including the Guide Publishing options, Subject Categories, and Friendly URL.
  • Add Box screen – We’ve added so many new box types over the years that the “Add Box” window was screaming for reorganization. Check out the Box Types Explorer, which outlines the box features. Added bonus: for all our Netbook users, you won’t have to zoom out to add a box!
New Features for LibGuides & CampusGuides
Check out this month’s Springy News for screenshots & more info!
  • RSS & Podcast Feeds – These box-types will now update more frequently, so the feed content you present will now be fresher than fresh.
  • New Mobile Display – We’ve optimized the mobile version of your guides – users will now be presented with a guide’s tabs as options, rather than automatically expanding the 1st tab.
  • Delete Link Info – When you go to delete a link from one of the “Links” box-types, you’ll see a list of the pages where the link has been reused, so it’ll be easy to see the impact on your guides!
  • Admins: Rich Text Editor update – Admins can now hide elements in the Rich Text Editor (such as “Font family”, “Font size”, etc) – this can help minimize inline styles that your guide authors may be adding. Email us and let us know what you’d like to hide!
As always, these new features & updates wouldn’t have been possible without feedback from the Springshare Community. Have fun taking a look around, & as always, let us know what you think!

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