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Honorable Mentions

Online discussions of LibGuides are coming at a fast-and-furious pace these days; here are a few of our favorite blog posts and reviews from the last few weeks:

Loving LibGuides – The Unquiet Librairian
A week or so ago, my library’s subscription to LibGuides went live!  I have designed three research pathfinders so far, and I am totally in love with the clean design I can produce with ease…

Instructional Technologies, Teaching & Learning in Medicine, Web 2.0: Oncology, LibGuides and Delicious – EBM and Clinical Support Librarians@UCHC
Librarians at Lyman Maynard Stowe Library purchased a subscription to a course management system called LibGuides in August 2008.  It has proven to be a good investment…

LibGuides as Pathfinders – Archipelago
At ALA in Anaheim this summer, I discovered LibGuides, and my teaching has changed dramatically because of it…

Teaching Library Stuff – The Logical Operator
…I wonder if the idea that this guide was created for them, and them specifically, pulled them in little more deeply. Not to mention having an online tool that helps them penetrate the navigation scheme of the library home page and get right to the important stuff…

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