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Great New Layout for Books

Last week we had a few people ask if we could improve the layout of the book boxes within LibGuides.  The development team really hustled this weekend, and we are happy to announce that the requested changes went live this evening.  While there are some small changes regarding the layout, and the addition of an ISBN/ISSN field, the big change is the addition of cover art for each book added to LibGuides!

Here is a sample of the new box format showing two books from one of my favorite authors, Bill Bryson.

Book Box

We think the new format looks great and really makes the books stand out on the page – but the best part is that LibGuides will automatically locate and embed the cover art for you!  Just enter the ISBN number for your book, click the button we provided, and the image will be pulled from  You can also provide your own image URL if you would prefer; in either case you can preview the artwork right on the “Add New Book” pop-up.

We hope you all enjoy the new layout – please keep the comments and suggestions coming by contacting us at

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