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LibCal 2.9 is live!

Some big improvements to your spaces are here in this update!

Category-level Booking Forms

One of the most common requests we’ve gotten to improve spaces has been to allow individual categories to use their own booking forms. We’re happy to say this is now an option, and even individual equipment items can use their own booking forms!

You can set these in admin>equipment & spaces>edit location>edit category.

Booking Form Improvements

We’ve made some enhancements to make equipment and space booking forms more flexible too! Your booking forms now have a question bank, so you can store and easily reuse questions between forms. Change a question’s priority to change its position in your booking forms, even if the form’s in use!

libcal question bank Question bank

Even better, if you’re using different booking forms for your categories, LibCal will automatically combine the forms and only present the unique questions to your patrons, so don’t worry- they’ll only need to fill out name and email once!

Calendar Widget Improvements

Full calendar widgets and upcoming events widgets can now use more than one calendar for events!

multiple calendars in widgets


Additional Fixes and Features

  • You can now move categories between locations, and spaces between categories.
  • Booking forms can now hold more than 10 questions.
  • Improved the mobile layout for equipment & space booking
  • Improved friendly URL redirecting post-migration to spaces

New LibCal updates!

Summer’s here, and with that comes events you want to share. We’ve added some new ways to show off your calendar events!

Social Media Sharing

You can now post your new events to Facebook and Twitter! In your calendar settings, there’s a new “social media” setting.

social media menu location

You can use any social media account you’ve set up in your LibApps dashboard, and even create templates for your posts.

social media sharing settings

Don’t want to share every event you make on a calendar? No problem, because this is something you can choose to do per-event. Don’t want to use the template you’ve made for a single event, or need to share a single event on Facebook but not Twitter? It’s all controllable when you’re making a new event.

Better Search for Repeating Events

Your calendar search can now show more relevant results when your users are looking for repeating events.

  • Go to calendar settings>display options>public calendar page, and choose the reset to default template button to add this to your search results.
  • If you’ve got an event search on your LibCal homepage, head to admin>look and feel>homepage editor and edit any event searches you have. Again, choose the reset to default template button!
  • If you’ve customized the homepage or calendar templates, that’s ok too- use the support tab and ask for the new keyword info, and we’ll send the details to you.

show more dates link

Now your recurring events will have a “show more dates” link which reveals the next 15 times that event appears.

Language Options for Equipment and Spaces!

You can now customize the default text for your equipment booking or for your spaces, or both! Head over to admin>system settings>language options to get started. We’ve also got info on where every piece of text can be found to make it easier for you to customize.


Additional Fixes and Features

  • You can now add internal notes to space bookings, and mark if a user showed up to their booking.
  • Individual categories within a location can now have their own terms and conditions as well as descriptions.
  • Individual categories can now use their own partial email templates, which are inserted into the location’s emails. Email templates now display a preview of emails they’ll send.
  • My Scheduler users can now override their own free/busy settings when scheduling appointments.
  • We’ve revamped the equipment overdues tab to make it easily sortable with more useful filters.
  • You can now print a space’s bookings using the print option:
    space print button
    We’ve also added a kiosk view to the print page:
    kiosk mode button

    This button will give you a link to today’s bookings, which you can use for your room signage.

Come See Your Springy Pals at ALA MW!

Had enough eggnog for a while? Well, don’t let the parties stop after the new year! Your Springy Pals will be at ALA Midwinter this year, at booth 922. Check out our mobile conference site, made with the new mSite builder, on your smart phones! This way, you’ll always have Springy right in your pocket, literally.

What do we have to show you? Good stuff, of course!

We’ll be doing flash presentations on some of our newest and coolest things, like:

  • Discussion Boards in LibGuides CMS!
  • The new mSite Builder- make app-like sites quickly and easily!
  • LibCal’s been working out, and it looks great!
  • LibInsight’s still the best way to organize and analyze all the data you’ve got- we’ll show off our new LibInsight Lite, too.
  • The conversation starts here- with your patrons! Attend the LibChat Flash and learn about our Real-Time Reference tool with 24/7 Backup!
  • Meet LibWizard, your new best friend for gathering responses, making tutorials, and all sorts of neat stuff!

Meet us at booth 922 for 15-minute Flash Presentations! Check in at our booth!


  • 6:00-6:15: LibGuides: Latest Updates
  • 6:25-6:40: LibInsight: Big Data


  • 9:30: LibGuides: Latest Updates
  • 10:30: Migrating to LibGuides v2: Q&A
  • 11:30: LibInsight: Big Data
  • 12:30: LibWizard: Quizzes, Surveys, Tutorials & More!
  • 1:30: LibChat: New Look & Feel: Real-Time Reference with 24/7 Backup
  • 2:30: Migrating to LibGuides v2: Q&A
  • 3:30: LibCal’s New Look & Feel


  • 9:30: LibCal’s New Look & Feel
  • 10:30: Migrating to LibGuides v2: Q&A
  • 11:30: LibChat: New Look & Feel: Real-Time Reference with 24/7 Backup
  • 12:30: LibGuides: Latest Updates
  • 1:30: LibWizard: Quizzes, Surveys, Tutorials & More!
  • 2:30: Migrating to LibGuides v2: Q&A
  • 3:30: LibInsight: Big Data


  • 9:30: LibWizard: Quizzes, Surveys, Tutorials & More!
  • 10:30: Migrating to LibGuides v2: Q&A
  • 11:30: LibCal’s New Look & Feel
  • 12:30: LibChat: New Look & Feel: Real-Time Reference with 24/7 Backup

Update your Profile Pic!

Nothing says “your friendly neighborhood librarian” like a friendly profile photo. Need to update yours? We have you covered! Stop by our booth at the following times to have a quality headshot taken. We’ll email it to you after the conference. 🙂

michelle headshot

Get a headshot at ALA MW, booth 922!


  • Friday 6:00 – 7:00
  • Saturday, 2:30 – 4:00
  • Sunday, 9:00 – 10:00

We can’t wait to see all of you in Boston, and remember, that’s booth 922 for all the Springy goodness!


ALA midwinter exhibit hall map