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LibCal Release: TimeZone Support and Zoom OAuth Coming Your Way

This release is on its way to you this week, and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, August 28.

Set Your Time Zone (Appointments, Calendars, & Events)

Given 2020’s constantly-changing environment, we continually look to improve the virtual appointment and event booking/viewing experience.  We have updated the Appointments, Calendars, and Events so that you can set and view your local time zone. This setting governs the time zone display on public pages wherever appropriate.  A few examples are shown below:

Zoom OAuth Update

We are also happy to announce that we have completed the code necessary to support the OAuth method for the Zoom integration.  Our app has been submitted to the Zoom Marketplace, and once we receive approval for our app, we can make it available to you. We do not yet have a date, but we are working our way through their process.


See LibCal release notes in the near future, which will list out a few other changes coming in this release, including a preview section for Event Calendar emails.

That’s it for this round of updates from Springy HQ for LibCal. We would like to thank you, our user community, for sharing all your great ideas with us! We love making them a reality and look forward to bringing you many more improvements in 2020. We are always here for you if have any suggestions or questions.

4 thoughts on “LibCal Release: TimeZone Support and Zoom OAuth Coming Your Way”

  1. How do you change your time zone for your individual calendar? In the Availability tab, I see that my time zone is listed as Eastern but am not seeing a way to change this.

    1. Hi Megan, sorry for the delay in responding. The time zone change is just for public screens / public view. On the admin side (i.e. as a librarian) the times are still displayed in the system’s time zone i.e. whatever time zone is set by an Admin in the system settings. Let us know if this helps, thanks!

    1. Hi Miriam – LibCal is a separate product from LibGuides CMS, so would require a separate subscription. I’m happy to get you in touch with your Regional Sales Manager to get a trial set up / pricing information, if you’d like! Or you can email 🙂

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