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LibWizard 1.7.5 Update Now Live!

We have lots of exciting changes for LibWizard to share! With this update we’re introducing fully customizable language options, new Patron data fields for Name, Phone, & Email, plus a bevy of bug fixes and smaller updates.

But first, we have exciting news – LibWizard’s move to a new server infrastructure is complete. We moved to a new infrastructure with multiple backup and recovery points, which will enable us to restore data with minimal loss (about one minute prior to failure) should the need ever arise – in other words the problem we had a couple of weeks ago will not happen again. The fact that we were able to execute this complex move without any downtime or disruptions comes as a nice cherry on top. 🙂

Language Options

languagecustomizationWith this update, we’ve made it easy to change the language used for any element in the system. Site admins now have the ability to change any word or phrase throughout the system, everything from the previous and next buttons to the “Thanks!” button on the closing Thank You screen, to the alert messages that help patrons know what information to enter in a field. To start customizing your site’s language, head to Admin > Language Settings.

Patron Information Fields

submitterinfoIn this update, we’ve added 3 new fields to make capturing personal information from your patrons a whole lot easier. In the builder, you’ll now find fields that represent a patron’s Name, Email, and Phone Number. These fields offer simple masking, to help patrons enter information in the correct format. This helps ensure that if you ask people for their phone number, they’ll enter all required numbers. And better yet, for our LibCRM clients, these new fields tie directly into LibCRM, so form, survey, quiz and assessment submissions can be automatically captured and filed as part of the LibCRM record of contact.

Updates and Fixes

  • Improved Export Options – We’ve made major improvements to the data export options from the reports area in LibWizard.
  • Corrected Grading – In this update, we corrected a bug that occasionally cropped up in the “checkbox” field type; if there were multiple correct answers and a correct answer was required to continue, the grade for that field was reported incorrectly. We’ve since fixed this, and the fix is backward compatible, so all reports will now reflect the correct grade.
  • Corrected Preview Grading – Some folks noted that correct and incorrect answers were sometimes color-coded incorrectly in the “preview” area of reports. In these instances, the grading was still being calculated correctly, but answers were sometimes the incorrect color. This is now back to normal!
  • LibWizard Favicon – We’ve added a pretty, pink favicon image to LibWizard, so it’s easier to tell which tab in your browser has LibWizard open.
  • Date Field Validation – We’ve added basic validation to the Date field, so patrons will be prompted to enter a date in the correct format, and can’t submit non-date-related characters.

As always, thanks to everyone who contributed ideas for this release! We truly love hearing your ideas and feedback and look forward to hearing what you think!

11 thoughts on “LibWizard 1.7.5 Update Now Live!”

  1. Thanks for the new patron info fields! Now it’s only a teeny extra step to use the email field the patron already answered to email them the results 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I’ve previously asked if you would make the PDF-format available as a report option for answers. You inform that the update include “Improved Export Options – We’ve made major improvements to the data export options from the reports area in LibWizard.” But I can just see the CSV-option. What improvements for the reports were enclosed in this update and will there be a PDF-support?
    Apart from that, the update is great 🙂


    1. Hi Asa – PDF support in the reports is still under discussion as a possible feature. In part, we want to make sure the feature would see wide usage, so we’re soliciting feedback from other clients to see whether there’s wider interest before moving forward. The improvements this time around were geared toward ensuring all information in the reports table is included in the export – previously, some of the fields shown in the report (like Grade for example) weren’t being included, so we reworked how the export process works so that they match. Hope that makes sense, and thanks again for the suggestion!

  3. I have a few questions:
    Is there any way to preview my slides as a set without having to answer all of the questions?
    What would cause students to be kick-off LibWizard in the middle of a quiz? (A recurring problem)
    When using Text Box, why do some of the words appear larger than others in when they are all the same font and size?
    Has anyone else had problems with videos not loading?
    Has anyone else had problems with LibWizard not playing nice with certain browsers or devices, namely MACs?
    I’m new to LibWizard so any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Suzanne – Those don’t sound like normal issues to me, so I’m going to share your question with our support team so they can help figure out what might be causing those issues. Offhand I would guess that most of the issues you mention sound like they might be related to a local firewall issue – it sounds like your local network may be blocking certain content. However I know our support team can help get to the bottom of things, so I’m going to forward your question their way. Thanks!

  4. It would be great if you could add a time field option when selecting a date. We use Jotform now for library orientation requests because there is the option to select a date and a time; we would really like to just use LibWizard forms instead!
    Any chance that the time selection field will be added?

    1. Hi Melissa – Thanks for that suggestion! That totally makes sense to me, we’ll add this in an upcoming release in the near future. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. I am having a problem with questions being graded incorrectly still. All questions in my tutorial are set up to require a correct answer to continue, yet when the results are submitted and in the reports, the original answer is still recorded, not the correct answer that they changed to.

    I am using this for faculty training and do not want to put people off by giving them low grades. Is there a fix for this?

    Also, it would be fantastic if there was a way to customize the results email – I would like to provide a pass/fail grade instead of a percentage and I’d also like to make a badge for those who complete it that could be sent out automatically with the results.

    1. Hi Joslyn –
      Thanks so much for your comments. The behavior you’re describing with grading is actually something that’s happening by design – LibWizard is set up to record a correct/incorrect answer for the first response a patron gives, & doesn’t grade the subsequent responses. The reason for this was that we wanted to give tutorial-creators a view on those initial answers, and we were concerned that especially in the case where a correct answer was required to continue, the resulting reports might not be useful (ie everyone would always get 100% in those cases).
      But I can definitely see how that might be an issue for you when it comes to a faculty survey and wanting them to come away feeling like the tutorial was a positive experience. I wonder if a short term solution might be to turn off the “show grade at survey’s completion” option and to instead create a custom “Thank You” page, with a message along the lines of “Congratulations for completing this training, you passed!”? That makes the assumption that, if correct answers were required for all questions, that a person would be guaranteed to pass the tutorial.
      Also thanks for the suggestions regarding customizing the results email. We’ve discussed adding a certificate of completion for tutorials and plan to add this in the future; I’ll add your suggestion re: customizing the email to our feature tracking system for future consideration.
      Thanks again and hope this makes sense! -Sarah

  6. Is there any way to not have LibSurvey return to the beginning after a student has submitted? It can be confusing that there is not a “thank you” box or some indication that their submission was successful.

    1. Hi Dana –
      Thanks for your comment – this is something we’re actually going to be improving in the next LibWizard update, which we’ll be pushing live this week. Thanks again for the suggestion! -Sarah

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