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New in LibCal v2’s My Scheduler – Your Free/Busy Times from Google Calendar

You asked, we coded!  Many of you use Google Calendar for your personal calendaring, and until now, you had to manually remove availability times from My Scheduler whenever a new meeting came up.  Duplicate that effort no more!

Configure My Scheduler to check your Google Calendar, and your busy times will be removed from the public side when someone books an appointment:

Screenshot of a meeting in google calendar where the corresponding time is not available for booking from the public side of LibCal

On the Admin side, those busy times are shown to you when you click “Add New Booking”:

screenshot of times not available in My Scheduler admin side due to existing meetings in Google Calendar

Just follow the on-screen instructions for setting this up, or see the Google Calendar Sync guide for more details (authentication required).

We know you’re wondering–what about Calendars and Room Bookings?!  It’s not possible for those to sync automatically from Google Calendar into LibCal at this time due to the complexity of Events and Bookings, but we will be looking into more possibilities in the future.

Please note that all Google Calendar Sync features are not available in LibCal 3/3/3 free installations.

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