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LibCal Update Now Live!

The LibCal Update is now live! Check out our previous post or the video walkthrough for an overview of all the Calendar changes we’ve implemented. In addition to the major Calendars overhaul, we’ve added several frequently requested features:

Keep Track of Patrons with Room Bookings

We’ve added new tools to the Room Bookings area to help you keep track of the users that book rooms in your system! There’s a new checkbox option to help track whether users show up for their booked appointments. We’ve also added a “Notes” field to Room Bookings, making it easier to add internal notes about a booking.

New "Showed up?" check box & Notes Field

Visibility Status for Individual Rooms

Do you sometimes need to take an individual room temporarily offline? Maybe the room is down for maintenance, or needed by staff members. Whatever the reason, we’ve added a way to hide individual rooms in a group from the public display, so you can toggle their visibility! Head to the edit room screen to see the new option.

Thanks for your feedback!

This is a major update for LibCal, and as always, we couldn’t have done it without your help and insight! For the full rundown of new features, check out our previous post and video walkthrough!

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