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LibCal – New Features (already!)

For those of you who haven’t experienced the wonder of LibCal yet, we’re offering a great deal – our 3-for-free deal gets you 3 Calendars, 3 Schedulers, & 3 Room Bookings for free!  In the 2 months since LibCal was released, we’ve already installed over 250 systems, and added more than 20 new features based on user requests. Here are a few highlights:

Calendars/Event Management

  • The Wait List feature is here! If more people want to register for an event than you have space for, enable a waiting list
  • Calendar APIs and RSS feeds continue to expand – we’ve added support for pulling events from multiple calendars in the Event APIs, and better diacritic support for RSS feeds
  • Email templates are fully customizable – customize the automated emails when patrons register/are waitlisted for/cancel events!

My Scheduler

  • We’ve added a location field – when people book appointments, they’ll know where to go!
  • Do you have LibGuides? When you customize your profile, click the checkbox to add the Schedule an Appointment widget!
  • Embed the widget multiple times on the same page – show the availability of everyone on your team in one public interface!
  • Email templates are fully customizable – send automated confirmation and cancellation emails when patrons book appointments, and customize their text!

Room Booking

  • Room Booking Explorer – view booking history, filter on tons of options, search on patron information (name, email, group nickname, etc.) and export information to Excel!
  • We’ve added patron “nicknames” for their own bookings – this nickname shows up in the public Room schedule, so individuals can see where their group is meeting
  • New Photo field –  show patrons which room they’re signing up for.
  • Better yet, that room photo, as well as the entire room booking process, is included in the Mobile Optimized Room Booking view!

Plus, we’ve tweaked the Room Booking permission settings, based on your feedback:

  • More Booking Duration values – whether you’re working with 30 minute time-slots or 54 minute periods, LibCal’s got you covered!
  • Patrons can sign up for a room “Before Slot’s Ending Time” (ie halfway through a slot)
  • We added an option to restrict “Booking in Advance”, so admins can choose how long into the future a patron can book a room. 1 week? 1 Month? 3 Months? OK!

Whew – that’s a lot of features! We hope you’re enjoying LibCal – from early user feedback, we’re hearing it’s the easiest, most intuitive calendar/event management/personal scheduler/room booking tool available. If you haven’t tried it yet, sign up for your 3-for-free today!

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