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Honorable Mentions

There has been quite a bit of blog activity regarding Springshare and LibGuides lately.  Special thanks to the following blogging librarians (blogarians?) for their recent reviews and comments regarding our community!

MichaelRoy @ The Kenyon LIS Blog
Elisabeth @ Elisabeth Leonard on Libraries
Ken @ tracking changes/changing tracks

The cat is out of the bag!

It has been a busy and exciting few days here at Springshare, as LibGuides and LibMarks were mentioned on the popular DIG_REF user group. 

Thanks to the following people who reviewed our new applications on their blogs!

Gerry from the “Engaged Library Services” blog:

Ken from the “Tracking Changes/Changing Tracks” blog:

“Ratcatcher” from the “tunaiskewl” blog:

We are very much looking forward to hearing from the rest of you all as well, so keep the comments and discussions coming.