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Top 10 Springshare Blog Posts of 2021

Can you believe it is 2022 already? Here at Springy HQ, we’re working hard on strategic plans for the year including mapping out some awesome new features coming your way, planning our training session schedule, upcoming SpringyCamps, and more. But before we start off our 2022 blogging at 100mph, let’s do our annual recap of last year’s best blog posts. Without further ado, here are the best posts of 2021! 1. New Year, New Springy Tips Update your LibGuides Profile January 13, 2021 This blog post is as applicable today as it was in January 2021. We have quick tips, each…

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One Hundred (and change!)

Springshare is proud to announce that our LibGuides community has reached 101 member libraries – including many of the world’s most innovative academic, public and special libraries!  We are amazed at how rapidly our community is growing, and how LibGuides is quickly becoming a premiere destination for research and study. Thank you to our existing members for making LibGuides such a success, and for those of you that are considering a subscription, we…

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Adding LibGuides to the iPhone Home Screen

Thanks to a recent software update from Mr. Jobs and the rest of the brilliant minds at Apple, iPhone users are now able to add custom icons to their homescreen.  To add a nice and shiny LibGuides icon to your nice and shiny iPhone, follow these simple steps: 1) Open up your Safari browser on the iPhone and browse to your LibGuides website, for example http://demo.libguides.com. 2) Tap the plus…

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New Version of LibGuides!

We are pleased to announce a new, improved, better, cooler version of LibGuides. It was rolled into production a few days ago and the first impressions from our community are very positive. Kudos are rolling in and it is music to our ears! Thanks to all of you who contributed your ideas, suggestions, and feature requests, which all resulted in this new version. Here is the overview of new features….

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LibGuides and the NASA Glenn Technical Library

Springshare is happy to welcome the latest member of the LibGuides community – the NASA Glenn Technical Library! As started on their website, the “Glenn Technical Library is a science and engineering research library providing books, journals, electronic resources and documents supporting the research in and study of aeronautics, space propulsion & power, communications technology, materials and structures, and microgravity science.”  Phew! For more information about the Glenn Research Center…

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Research Guides 2.0

Librarian “Mick” is an avid LibGuides user of North Eastern Illinois University’s LibGuides. He has put together several great LibGuides-related posts on his blog. One post reveals his (excellent and very timely) thoughts about what Pathfinders 2.0 should look like – check it out at “LibGuides and my Philosophy of Pathfinders 2.0” In addition, Mick has also created several “How to design a LibGuide” posts. Check out Part 1 (Rich Text Box), Part 2 (Web Links), Part 3 (RSS Feeds/Podcasts),…

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Raw Weblog Statistics for LibGuides

Hello Folks,There hasn’t been much activity on our support blog because we are busy working on the new version. You’ll be impressed, I assure you 🙂 We have a question for the community, and some feedback would be appreciated. In the next release, we are thinking of making available raw weblog statistics for each library (on a monthly basis). These logs would offer a wealth of data which goes far…

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Honorable Mentions II

I will keep this one short and sweet…thanks to Wayne @ ‘Princeton Academic Librarian’ and Bob @ ‘Striking Thoughts’ for their recent reviews of LibGuides.  Links and excerpts below… Academic Librarian http://blogs.princeton.edu/librarian/2007/10/libguides.html “For those who don’t know, Libguides is a site that lets you create locally branded subject and library research guides that are very easy to make and take advantage of lots of social softwarey stuff. Here’s what our…

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Excellent LibGuides Review

Special thanks to Scott Pfitzinger over at BiblioTech Web for one of the most glowing LibGuides reviews we have received to date.  Here is an excerpt from his post… Last week I found out about one of the coolest library technologies that’s come down the pike. It’s a Web 2.0 application designed for Library 2.0. It’s called LibGuides and it’s worth getting excited about.  It’s a system for providing information and…

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Voilà – Diacritics in LibGuides

Good news for our foreign users, as well as for librarians who are subject specialists in foreign languages and literature. We have upgraded LibGuides to include full support for diacritics. Now you can add links, pages, profiles, Guide names, descriptions, etc. and diacritics will work fine. Try it out! Special thanks to our Swedish friends for helping us out with this issue.

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145 and Counting!

Located in Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University is one of the first members of the LibGuides community located outside of the United States.  One of Canada’s leading universities, Dalhousie is widely recognized for outstanding academic quality and teaching, and a broad range of educational and research opportunities. Since joining Libguides a few months ago, Dalhousie librarians have created an incredible list of 145 subject guides, ranging from Biomedical Engineering to Italian…

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