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We Added Another LibConnect Webinar!

If you missed our announcement about LibConnect and email marketing, you then missed our two recent webinars highlighting the new email marketing functionality! But have no worries, we added one more webinar to the schedule so you have another chance to get a preview sneak-peek of our newest email marketing functionality. Wednesday, September 29, 2021 1:00pm – 1:30pm What is LibConnect with Email Marketing? We’ve added powerful email marketing functionality to the LibCRM Customer Relationship Management tool and gave the product a new name because now it is so much more than a CRM. It is a true customer engagement…

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LibCal Update Now Live!

The LibCal Update is now live! Check out our previous post or the video walkthrough for an overview of all the Calendar changes we’ve implemented. In addition to the major Calendars overhaul, we’ve added several frequently requested features: Keep Track of Patrons with Room Bookings We’ve added new tools to the Room Bookings area to help you keep track of the users that book rooms in your system! There’s a new checkbox…

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LibGuides Update

Sandy be darned! A hurricane can’t slow us down – the LibGuides Update is now live! We’ve got a bunch of exciting features to share. Friendly URLs are a whole lot friendlier! We’ve expanded the Friendly URL functionality throughout LibGuides! It’s now super easy to assign a friendly URL to most static pages within LibGuides, including: Individual Pages in a guide Subject Category Pages User Profile Pages Group Homepages Even…

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LibCal Update, Coming Soon!

Awesome new LibCal calendars are coming your way. We’ll perform a code update on November 5th, to introduce many new features to LibCal. There will be no downtime. The biggest change you’ll notice is the way Calendars display – they’ll be much more flexible, super customizable, and a whole lot prettier. View a video walkthrough of the awesome new features. jQuery Calendars – yeah! The new Calendars are based on the…

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Your Secret Weapon: The LibGuides Community

Last week, we read a great article by Joyce Valenza on her NeverEndingSearch blog in School Library Journal. She mentions several excellent resources for digital curation, and as you might imagine, one of them happens to be our favorite – the LibGuides Community. Here’s a quick excerpt: Lately, I find myself using LibGuides in ways never expected. Sure, as a member of the community, I can ask a fellow curator if I…

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Web Developers: Come Work for Springshare!

Hey there, Springy Nation! We’re a fast growing company, so we’re always looking for ninja-skilled Web Developers to help us carry out our mission of providing the best web software for libraries. This is what we’re looking for:  LAMP skills of the ninja caliber, including 3+ years PHP / MySQL experience and Unix / Apache skills Experience in scaling web infrastructure Front-end JS programming experience (e.g. jQuery or dojo) Experience with Nginx,…

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SpringyCamp – Registration Now Open!

SpringyCamp – Focusing on UX: Understanding & Meeting the Needs of the User Program Information: Date: November 8th, 2012 Time: Tentatively scheduled from 1:00pm-4:30pm EST (subject to change) Cost: Completely, 100% free! Program Outline: Currently calling for presenters! Submit your proposal now! Program Level: Designed for All Audiences Register & Learn How Libraries are Using Springshare Products to: Meet users where they are; Understand their needs; Provide an outlet for user-driven content/services/resources;…

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Monday’s LibGuides Server Issues Post-Mortem

We waited until today to post the explanation behind yesterday’s LibGuides connectivity issue because we wanted to make sure that the fixes we deployed took care of the issue. Here’s what happened: a couple of weeks ago our hosting facility had a big infrastructure upgrade – new routers, switches, the whole nine yards. But yesterday something went wrong with the shiny new stuff which caused one of our critical servers…

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Springshare does not support SOPA or PIPA

As we were wrapping up some fixes regarding the LibGuides connectivity issues today, we noticed some tweets alluding that we somehow support SOPA/PIPA because the attack on GoDaddy coincided with the LibGuides server connectivity issues. Let me be clear in no uncertain terms – we do not support SOPA or PIPA, and LibGuides issues  today were not due to the attack on GoDaddy. To wit, we have a couple of…

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LibGuides – Monthly Statistics Updates Now Live

Earlier this month, we rolled out a huge statistics update – huzzah! We’ve heard lots of good feedback about the new functionality – words like “awesome”, “fascinating”, and “super cool” have been flying around. We’ve also heard from some folks who miss the simplicity and scannability of the previous monthly hit reports. We’re all about easy, so we’ve added these reports back in to the new stats interface! Here’s how to get…

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LibAnswers Update: Timezone and SMS Improvements

Hey there, Springy Nation – we’re rolling out a LibAnswers code update! It includes changes to the way we handle timezones, as well as new features and improvements for the SMS functionality – read on for the rundown. Timezone Management We’re thrilled that people around the world (literally!) use LibAnswers. Up to now, we’ve relied on a timezone offset method, where each site defined their local time in relation to…

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