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LibGuides server connectivity issues – update

Hello folks, just an update – we are restarting the servers again so there will be a 10 minute downtime, in order to restore the access.

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LibGuides Connectivity Problems – Fixed

In a typical Murhpy’s Law fashion, as soon as we posted the previous blog update about the connectivity issues, we figured out the problem and fixed it, so I believe this issue is now behind us and the new servers will start acting like they’re supposed to – healthy, fast, and…

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Intermittent connectivity problems to LibGuides servers

This past Sunday we performed a major upgrade to our hardware (to prepare for the increased usage for the upcoming school year), but it appears there are some problems with the new setup. We are working diligently to figure out what’s going on, and in the meantime we apologize for any brief…

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Happy Anniversary!

It was two years ago today that Temple University became the first member library of the LibGuides community.  In those early days we were thrilled to add just one or two new libraries each month as word began to spread about the cool things you could do with LibGuides.  Today, LibGuides…

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Internet Explorer Browser Caching Issue

In the last few weeks we had several problem reports where users said that the previously deleted content magically reappears on their guides, or that text entered into the rich text editor reverts to its previous version (and/or that text changes are not being saved), or that the list of tabs is not…

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Issues With Accessing New Servers

After our server upgrade went as smoothly as possible (zero downtime for patrons), we were alerted today that several (5, to be exact) of our clients were not able to access the new servers. After scratching our heads and looking at the problem from every possible angle (I’d like to…

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Upgrading LibGuides Servers

The growth of LibGuides has been nothing short of amazing, but the best part is that we are just getting started! New libraries are signing up every day, so the current statistics (300 libraries, 5000 librarians using the system, 11,500 guides created with 70,000 subject pages) will look like small potatoes…

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New Springshare Website is Live

Our new website is live at and we think it came out great! Be sure to check out the new video on the LibGuides page.

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New Version of LibGuides!

We are pleased to announce a new, improved, better, cooler version of LibGuides. It was rolled into production a few days ago and the first impressions from our community are very positive. Kudos are rolling in and it is music to our ears! Thanks to all of you who contributed…

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The cat is out of the bag!

It has been a busy and exciting few days here at Springshare, as LibGuides and LibMarks were mentioned on the popular DIG_REF user group.  Thanks to the following people who reviewed our new applications on their blogs! Gerry from the “Engaged Library Services” blog: Ken from the “Tracking Changes/Changing Tracks”…

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