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The Unquiet Librarian: Top Ten Reasons I Love LibGuides

This morning we wanted to do something a bit different, and feature a blog post from one of our LibGuides community members – Buffy Hamilton aka the Unquiet Librarian. Buffy is a media specialist/teacher-librarian at Creekview High School in Canton, Georgia and is also one of the most active proponents of LibGuides within the K-12 space. We highly recommend that you subscribe to Buffy’s blog for a unique insight on the role of social media and technology in education today. You might even see a kind word about LibGuides now and again!

The following entry was originally posted on the Unquiet Librarian blog on April 16th, 2010 and is being reprinted here with permission.

Over the last few months, I have received quite a few inquiries as to why I love LibGuides so much, so I thought it might be helpful to share a brief post highlighting my ten favorite features.

In no particular order, here is why I invest in LibGuides for The Unquiet Library:

1.  The ease and flexibility of creating guides: LibGuides makes it super easy to add RSS feeds, embed videos, embed an endless range of HTML or script codes (great for widgets and embedding and content), lists of links, feature books from the catalog (which could be print books, Google Books I like, or eBooks from our virtual collection), document widgets, a timeline widget, assorted Google Searches, and various polls.  While I have utilized the user link submission feature on a limited basis, I plan to incorporate it more after being inspired by friend and fellow librarian Elisabeth Abarbanel’s recent blog post, “LibGuides:  Collaborative Aspects”. Because it is so easy to add content and widgets for traditional and emerging sources of authoritative information ( social scholarship) , LibGuides is an essential tool for supporting my information literacy instruction and supporting technology integration into my library program; I can also seamlessly push my students to other library streams of information, including our blog, our databases, and other essential library resources.

In addition, if I need to create multiple guides on a similar topic for different teachers with slight variations, I can easily copy the original guide and then add/take away guide elements or I can create a new guide and add existing elements from other subject guides I’ve created using the “copy from another guide” feature.  As if that isn’t enough, I can also use and modify templates for guides (67,000 plus and growing!) created by other library professionals in the LibGuides community.  These features of LibGuides make it easy for me to generate research pathfinders efficiently, quickly, and dynamically.

2.  Social Media Integration:  my students can capture RSS feeds for guides or use the built-in “Add This” sharing feature that allows my students to easily bookmark or post a guide to a diverse range of cloud computing/social media tools.    Students and teachers can also sign up for email notification when a new guide is posted, and this email registration can be customized by tags or keywords.

3.  Subject Guide Organization and Tagging: I can create and organize my subject guide categories however I choose, and I can also tag my guides with essential keywords.    These are features that allow me to “catalog” my guides!

4.  Usage and Statistical Reports: you can choose to create a general summary report, homepage hits, or overall guide hits; you can even view a guide hit report for a specific subject guide.  I will soon be incorporating this data into my monthly and annual reports.  The reports can be generated in standard (best for viewing your browser), plain (best for copying and pasting into another application, or Excel (spreadsheet) format, too!

5.  Widgets: I love that I can create and customize my widgets to focus on one particular subject guide OR I can create a more generic widget to direct my students to our general LibGuides home page while featuring new or popular guides.  The code is incredibly easy to generate and can be placed on virtually any web platform.

6.  Superb Stability: in the fourteen months I have been a subscriber, I have experienced only one minor service outage.  I can count on the platform to be up and running without worrying about frequent outages.

7.  Customer Service and Tech Support: I have only had to call upon tech support once in the 14 months I have been a user, but when I did, they were most helpful.  The individuals in customer service are also wonderfully responsive and gracious as well!    You can also join (at no charge) The Springshare Lounge, a free network for discussions about Springshare products, including LibGuides.  The support blog , Springshare Twitter feed, and LibGuides FAQ Twitter feed also help me keep up with the latest new features and product news.  As if that is not enough, you can also participate in product webinars!

8.  Multiple Editors: if you work in a library setting in which you have a team (library professionals, students, or teachers) who may need some access to creating and editing guides, you can add multiple users and establish their editing/access rights to invite participation while protecting the integrity of your overall platform.

9.   Multiple Uses for the Platform: While I primarily use LibGuides for generating subject guides/research pathfinders, I am now using LibGuides to create organic, dynamic, and multimedia monthly reports that help me better tell the story of my library program in a transparent and effective manner.  I also love how this high school is using LibGuides as a medium for paperless monthly library newsletters!

10.  More Than Reasonable Pricing and a Product Worth Its Weight in Gold:  if you are someone like me who generates a large number of subject guides and integrates your virtual resources heavily into library instruction, then LibGuides is truly your best friend.  The price point, in my opinion, is more than reasonable for a K12 institution, and I get more than my money’s worth in terms of the value the product has in terms of helping me be an effective librarian and the way it impacts the library experience for my students (and teachers, too!).   While there may be other similar products out there for less or free, I have yet to see anything with the “horsepower” and reliability of LibGuides.   After only six months of use, I renewed my subscription for two more years—given my generally conservative bent  in purchasing any online product too far in advance, this should indicate to you how much I love and how heavily I reply on this service/product!

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, my investment in LibGuides is an investment in my library program.    I feel that the integration of LibGuides into my library program since February 2009 has played a major role in improving the quality of my library instruction and service.  I am empowered to integrate a diverse range of information sources and instructional support materials in an organized manner that works for my students and makes it easy for them to navigate the broad range of resources I can provide for a collaboratively designed research project.

Monthly LibGuides Stats – March 2010

Another record month for the LibGuides Community – we welcomed 73 new libraries and our “page views” and “unique visitors” stats were the highest they have ever been!
Community Sites: 1208
Librarian Accounts: 18,956
Total Guides: 81,573
Total Pages: 518,035
Unique Visitors: 1.51 million
Page Views: 39 million

Monthly LibGuides Stats – February 2010

We added 60 new libraries to the LibGuides community in February – and that’s the shortest month of the year!

Community Sites: 1132
Librarian Accounts: 17,900
Total Guides: 76,813
Total Pages: 488,073
Unique Visitors: 1.24 million
Page Views: 33 million

Montly LibGuides Stats – January 2010

The LibGuides Community started off 2010 with a bang, adding 49 new member libraries in the month of January!

Community Sites: 1072
Librarian Accounts: 16,947
Total Guides: 71,325
Total Pages: 455,024
Unique Visitors: 978,139
Page Views: 26.1 million

Facebook API Problems

We have had several reports that the LibGuides applications for Facebook have had intermittent problems over the last week or so.  Since the applications have not been changed in some time, it appears that the problem may be with the Facebook API.  This is further supported by the Facebook Developers Platform Live Status page at, which is currently showing an “API Latency”, which is the likely source of the error.

We will continue to monitor the status of the applications over the next few days, and hopefully the problem will resolve itself once the “latency” has been addressed by Facebook.  In the event that this does not repair the issue, we will address the problem on our end if at all possible.

Serials Solutions – LibGuides A-Z List Management is Now Live!

We are excited to announce the general availability of the Serials Solutions import tool for LibGuides. This management tool enables our common subscribers to create Database A-Z LibGuides powered by the authoritative e-resource data from Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks.  If you subscribe to both LibGuides and any 360 services or Summon, you can now import your entire database list into LibGuides via an easy to use management screen!

For more information about the A-Z import process, please visit

We would like to thank the team at Serials Solutions, who were extremely helpful and responsive during the development of this new functionality, as well as the following LibGuides libraries who participated in the BETA program for this new feature: SUNY Westchester Community College, Grand Valley State University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, and Mississippi State University!

Monthly LibGuides Stats – December 2009

What a great way to end the year – with Charles Darwin University becoming LibGuides member library #1000.  Congratulations to all LibGuides sites for being part of such an amazing community of educators!

Community Sites: 1023
Librarian Accounts: 16,068
Total Guides: 66,703
Total Pages: 424,688
Unique Visitors: 792,496
Page Views: 19.6 million

Please Join Us for a Demo of LibAnswers

We have scheduled several online demos for Thursday and Friday of this week to introduce people to our exciting LibAnswers system.  What is LibAnswers you ask?  Well – LibAnswers is a web-based question-and-answer system and FAQ builder for libraries.  It enables patrons to search the knowledge base and ask questions from anywhere.  Our auto-suggest feature matches the patron’s question with an existing answer in the system, and they are automatically taken to the correct answer when a match is found.  LibAnswers also integrates with Twitter, LibGuides (of course!), and any chat widgets you may already be using at your library.

The demo sessions will be conducted via Voice Over IP, so you will need to have speakers to join the session.  We are not able to take questions during the presentations, so please send all questions to and indicate that you attended the webinar.

For more information about LibAnswers, please visit our website at

For a complete schedule of the upcoming webinars, please visit the Events section of the Springshare Lounge, at

We look forward to having you join us!

LibGuides Statistics Clean-up

Happy New Year to all the LibGuides admins, librarians and content creators around the world!  This quick blog post is to let you all know that the yearly statistics clean-up for LibGuides was performed this afternoon.  This annual maintenance ensures that our database and reporting engine are optimized and ready to support another record year of LibGuides usage!

For those of you who joined LibGuides in 2009 and have not gone through this process before, rest assured that no statistics information is lost during the clean-up process.  The only visible change is that the “views this year” count for your guides has been updated to reflect only the hits generated so far this year.

If you have any questions about the clean-up process, our LibGuides reporting engine, or what we all did for New Year’s Eve, please send us an email at  Thank you…and here’s to a happy and prosperous 2010!

Monthly LibGuides Stats – November 2009

What library will have the honor of being LibGuides member #1000?  Stay tuned for an announcement coming in the next few days!

Community Sites: 995
Librarian Accounts: 16,669
Total Guides: 64,500
Total Pages: 400,208
Unique Visitors: 1.18 million
Page Views: 30.10 million