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Get Ready. SpringyCamp Is This Wednesday!

Our Annual Virtual Conference, SpringyCamp, Is Tomorrow! We wait all year to announce that it’s time, once again, to Grab your compass and Fill your canteen, Find a spot near the virtual campfire and Benefit from hearing about the experiences of other librarians, which is the goal of SpringyCamp! Each…

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Feature Spotlight: LibCal Spaces Parent/Child Relationship

Today’s blog post is all about highlighting an awesomely powerful little feature in LibCal – the Parent/Child relationship in Spaces. Let’s break it down. Let’s say that you have a large room that patrons are allowed to reserve… let’s call it Room 110. That room can also be divided into…

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Easily Promote Events with LibCal & LibGuides

Getting The Word Out! Isn’t it funny how even if you line up the hottest author for a reading, or meticulously plan your annual benefit gala, or use data to predict the best dates and times for children’s story hour — events are only considered a success if enough people…

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Using LibAnswers for Library Security

Keeping Track of Safety Issues Just Got Easier. Libraries get their fair share of incidents that happen involving the safety of the staff, students and/or include the compromise of the building. Many institutions piece together a way to keep track of these via various reporting tools that range from spreadsheets…

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