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LibSurveys – New Reports Options and More!

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve rolled out a stocking-stuffer-sized update for LibSurveys!

New Reports View: Data Table

We’ve overhauled the initial landing page you’ll see when you head to Form and Survey Reports.


The new Data Table view includes a bunch of nice-to-have updates, including:

  • rpSearch & Filter – We’ve added a handy search box, so you can easily search across all form/survey responses by a keyword or phrase.
  • Customizable Views – Choose which columns of data you’d like to display in your Data Table. To edit your columns, head to the Builder for that form/survey and select Properties > Report Properties. You can display/hide any question, and even create a custom heading title for especially long questions.
  • Column Sort – Click any column heading to sort your table by that response
  • Delete Responses – Need to delete a test response? Just click the trashcan icon and poof, it’s outta there!
  • Edit Responses – Need to edit a response? Click the eye icon to jump to an editing view for any form/survey responses!
    • Cool Use: Set up internal tracking questions to categorize individual form/survey responses! Just create a question in your form/survey and set its Display Property to “hidden”, then collect responses from your patrons as you normally would. As each response arrives, click the edit (eye) icon to edit this hidden question.
  • privacyreportingData Collection Controls – This feature is for folks who want to ensure patron privacy in form/survey responses. Head to the form/survey builder and choose Options > Reporting to control passive data collection (including IP address, browser version data, and page referring url) for each form/survey response.

New Look and Feel Options

  • New Bootstrap Style Template: Set your form/survey to a Bootstrap-based template! Head to the form/survey builder and choose Options > Look and Feel > Template to switch between Basic and Template display.
  • New CSS Classes: We’ve added new CSS classes to make it easier to customize the look and feel of questions in any form/survey. Here’s a quickie list of the new classes:
    Field class name
    Text Field field-type-text
    Numeric Field field-type-numeric
    Date Field field-type-date
    TextboxField field-type-textbox
    Dropdown Field field-type-dropdown
    Radio Field field-type-radio
    Checkbox Field field-type-checkbox
    Rating field-type-rating
    Text Block field-type-text-block
    Line Separator field-type-line
    Spacer field-type-spacer
    Page Header field-type-header

LibGuides v2 Updates!

Admin Stuff

  • Use Your Library’s Syndetics ID for Cover Art – If you’re a Syndetics customer, you can now add your Syndetics ID to LibGuides! Any new Books from the Catalog that you add will use your images. Previously-added Books from the Catalog will stll use the default set of cover images unless you edit any of the books’ fields. Go to Admin > System Settings > Proxy & Library Systems and add your Syndetics ID.
  • Preview Your Profile Page while editing! Click your email address > My Profile > Profile Page.
  • Additional Password Security – You are now required to enter your current password before you can change your LibApps password. This follows best practices of most other websites. If you forget your current password, click “Forgot Password?” on the login screen to have a link emailed to the address associated with your account. Click your email address in the top-right corner to go to your profile.

Guide Edit Stuff

  • Spell Check as You Type (SCAYT) – Recognize those squiggly red lines when you’re composing an email or document? Now you’ll see them in LibGuides, when you’re creating or editing Rich Text content items.
  • Vanilla HTML editor – Want to write your own HTML code?  No problem! Click Edit > HTML to edit the code behind a Rich Text content item directly.
  • screenshot of the Position menu for content items

    Choose where a new content item will be inserted

    Box and Asset position options – Create boxes and place them anywhere in a column, or create
    assets and place them anywhere in a box.  Just want to add a link to the bottom of a box? No problem–“bottom” is the default.

User-Requested Features

  • Site breadcrumbs can now be individually styled or hidden:

    Screenshot of site breadcrumbs and their CSS IDs

    Breadcrumbs, left-to-right, are Customer, Site, Guide, and Page

  • Descriptions that you add to Resource Icons are used as the icons’ ALT text.  Add icons and descriptions at Content > Assets > A-Z List > Icons.
  • For clients with both LibGuides 2 and LibAnswers 2, search terms are carried over when you search LibGuides then click the LibAnswers button:

    screenshot of search results box with an arrow pointing to the LibAnswers link

    Redo any search in your LibAnswers 2 site with a single click!


Now under the blue applications menu, you will see all the systems associated with your site, even if you don’t have an account in that system. Clicking a system that you do not have access to will pop up a message for you to contact the system’s administrator:

screenshot of the blue LibGuides button with menu extended

No matter which v2 product you’re in, click the blue menu button to jump to other systems at your institution.


LibCal Service Disruption, December 1, 2014

Starting at about 11:40 am EST, LibCal version 1 was responding extremely slowly or even timing out for some clients. Our support and tech teams jumped into action a few minutes thereafter, as soon as we were able to confirm the issues.

After extensive troubleshooting and two server reboots, our tech team identified the “Confirmed Bookings” box as the culprit.   Namely, a recent update caused a slowdown in the database queries related to the confirmed bookings box functionality. These slow queries then slowed everything else in the database so the entire system felt really sluggish as a result.

Confirmed Bookings BoxWe have commented out the “Confirmed Bookings” box code for the time being, and things are zippy again with LibCal v1.  If you use Public Nicknames for your room groups, you will no longer see this box on your Room Bookings pages.  Once the code for this box is tweaked, it will be restored.  If you do not use Public Nicknames for your room groups, you will see no change to your Room Bookings pages.

The bad news is that our clients were without reliable LibCal connectivity for 3-4 hours today, and we are very sorry about that. The good news is that in the process of troubleshooting this issue, we were able to speed up several other database queries – some in a major way – so taken as a whole the system should be responding much faster from now on, even faster than before this issue began.

If you are still experiencing issues with your LibCal system, would like clarification of the issue, or have any follow-up questions, please email us at

Also, if you have not yet subscribed to or bookmarked our twitter feed, please do so.  It’s the fastest way to get updates about our products and to learn tips, tricks, and even new product features!

We sincerely apologize, again, for this unanticipated downtime at what we know to be a very busy time of the year.  We appreciate all our customers and thank each and every one of you for being on board.