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What Happens in Vegas….Ends Up on Instagram!

Springshare’s heading to ALA – Las Vegas, and we’re getting Flashy in Booth #1447! All weekend long we’re delivering 15min Flash Presentations on hot topics, new products, and amazing features.

If you’re attending a Flash presentation or just stopping by Booth #1447 to say hi, be sure to tag us in your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts with #SpringyFlash and #SpringyLove. Better yet, we’re giving out “I Got Flashed” stickers for all you lucky attendees!

ALA Flash Sticker


Our Flash Presentation Schedule is available! Sign-Up today:

And remember:

What happens in Booth #1447, Stays in Booth #1447

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LibAnswers v2 Beta Sites – Migration Sign-up Now Available!

Attention LibAnswers v2 Beta Sites: v1 – v2 migration sign-ups start today! To choose your migration date, sign in to your v2 Beta Site and click the big green button – “Information about Migrating to LibAnswers v2”.


Excited? Us too! But remember – the migration date you select will effectively be the GO LIVE date for your v2 system – so choose carefully! Before migration day arrives, you’ll want to do a few things in advance:

  • Pre-Migrate your key content (using the handy new tools in your LibAnswers v2 Beta Site Migration page)
    • User Accounts
    • Public FAQs
    • LibChat Departments
  • Prep replacement Widgets & API calls, and be ready to swap them in place of your v1 Widget & APIs on migration day
  • If you use a Custom Domain (anything other than for your site, you’ll need to arrange a domain transfer with your local IT department for *the same day* as your site migration

For loads more information and tools to help with all your migration needs, head to our help guide – (must be logged in to LibApps to view).