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LibGuides 2: Content Migration is Here!

You can now request migrations of your LibGuides v1 content into your LibGuides v2 Beta sites! (We’re not sure who’s more excited right now – you or us! 😉 ) Key Information: Before we even tell you about the awesome reports we have available to you or how to request…

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LibGuides v2 A-Z Database Management Tool Updates

We’ve heard tons of great feedback from librarians who’ve checked out LibGuides v2 – and as always, thanks so much for getting in touch and letting us know what you think! One feature in particular generated more kudos and “Oh wow, that’s awesome!”s than the rest – we’ve heard your…

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LibGuides v2: Content Migration FAQ

Are you ready for it? We know you are. 😉 Well, we’re nearly there! We know you have tons of questions, so we’re here to answer the ones we’re getting most often… When will I be able to migrate my LibGuides v1 content into my LibGuides v2 system? We’re working…

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LibGuides 2 Beta Code Update Yesterday

Hey everyone – hope you’re all enjoying your LibGuides v2 beta sites! 🙂 We released new code into LibGuides 2 Beta sites yesterday & there are a couple of things that y’all should know as you’re using your systems today: Rich Text Editor Update The first one affects everyone: we…

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