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Important Information for LibChat Operators

Starting this Saturday Feb 15, if you use Internet Explorer 8 or 9 as your primary browser, you must have Flash enabled in order to access the LibChat Operator screen.

This change only affects LibChat Operators. Patrons will still be able to use any browser combination they choose, and will not be impacted by this change.

Why we made this decision:
The technology that makes LibChat possible varies from browser to browser:

  • Modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE10 & IE11) use websockets – a highly reliable and stable transport method
  • Older browsers (IE8 & IE9) with Flash enabled use Flash Sockets – a pretty reliable and stable method
  • Older browsers (IE8 & IE9) without Flash use JSONP – reliable on the patron side, but has proved unreliable for Operator connections because the operator console is infinitely more complex than a patron’s chat widget

Even after months of development and testing the operator console using jsonp, some clients still report issues with IE 8/9 and the culprit always boils down to jsonp issues, so we have no choice but to eliminate jsonp as a transport method for libchat operator connections. Not using jsonp on your end will ensure that your on-going chats with patrons go smoothly and don’t cut-off in the middle of the conversation.

So, if you’re currently using IE8 or IE9 for operator chat:

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Please share this message with your LibChat Operators – and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Slalom your way to a 2014 Olympics LibGuide

We’re t-minus 9 hours away from the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia! Are you ready for it? LibGuide built and ready to go? Beads of sweat trickling down as you carefully select those subjects and tags? Finger hovering over the published button in Olympic anticipation?
Wait, what? Can you repeat that please? No LibGuide? You didn’t have time to create one?

Ahh, no sweat! You don’t have to spend weeks and months training like the Olympic athletes to have an amazing LibGuide for your patrons. Our BestOf LibGuides site features two brand new Olympic 2014 LibGuides that use a variety of Free Resources to showcase the Winter Games. Since they’re featured on our Bestof LibGuides site, feel free to reuse these guides without having to ask permission first. Simply copy the guide into your system and edit at will. And before you know it, you’ll have a medal-worthy LibGuide all your own!

LibAnswers/LibChat Planned Maintenance – Friday Night Feb 7th

A quick note to our community –  LibAnswers and LibChat servers will be down for planned upgrades for about 20-30 minutes on Friday February 7th, starting at 10pm EST.

We are upgrading these servers to add additional capacity – we have seen a big spike in LibAnswers and LibChat usage and have added hundreds of new clients lately, which is great news. By upgrading the servers we’ll ensure their continued smooth operation.

This downtime will only affect LibAnswers and LibChat – our other products, i.e. LibGuides, LibAnalytics, LibStaffer, LibCal… are unaffected. We did a thorough analysis of LibAnswers and LibChat usage logs and found that Friday nights were the lowest usage periods so we picked this time for upgrades.

It could be that the actual downtime will only be a few minutes, but for your planning you should count on LibAnswers and LibChat being inaccessible for about 30 minutes on February 7th starting at 10pm EST.

It is very gratifying to all of us at Springshare to see so many libraries adopting LibAnswers and LibChat, and the usage increasing exponentially. For those libraries that do not have LibAnswers/LibChat yet, contact us today to get started on your trial. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

As always, we’re here if any questions pop up –