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LibGuides Update

Sandy be darned! A hurricane can’t slow us down – the LibGuides Update is now live! We’ve got a bunch of exciting features to share.

Friendly URLs are a whole lot friendlier!

We’ve expanded the Friendly URL functionality throughout LibGuides! It’s now super easy to assign a friendly URL to most static pages within LibGuides, including:

  • Individual Pages in a guide
  • Subject Category Pages
  • User Profile Pages
  • Group Homepages

Even better, the new Friendly URLs support the character “/”. Why’s that important? Let’s say you have a guide (or group) with a Friendly URL of “hurricane”; if you then create a page (or guide) on Sandy, you can give it a Friendly URL of “hurricane/sandy” – in other words, nested friendly URLs!

New RSS Processing

We’ve heard from some folks that, with certain feeds, the RSS feed box sometimes returned wonky results, displaying seemingly random feed items. We heard those concerns, so we’ve completely changed the way we process RSS feeds. We’ve implemented a new processing method  – it’s more reliable, efficient, and a whole lot less problematic.

E-Reserves now available for LibGuides clients

LibGuides clients can now enjoy the awesomeness of E-Reserves, without needing the full update to LG CMS! Check out for a walkthrough of this module – and when you’re ready, email to sign up!

Discussion Board Upgrade

Discussion Boards (available in LibGuides CMS) got a huge reboot! We’ve incorporated several of the most popular feature requests, including:

  • Guide Owners will now receive an update each time a new Discussion Board post is added
  • Discussion Boards now support HTML – add images, style, etc. in your post text!
  • Diacritics are now fully supported – no more weird &*(@! display!

Google Content Boxes + Proxy Prefix =  @mylibrary results

Does your library use a proxy resolver that relies on the prefix method? You’re going to love our update for the Google Scholar search box. Head to System Settings -> Link Options, and you’ll find a new option to include this prefix for Google Scholar results – making it way easier for patrons to grab search results that are specific to your library’s holdings!

As always, thanks to everyone who contributed the ideas and feedback that led to this update!

LibCal Update, Coming Soon!

Awesome new LibCal calendars are coming your way. We’ll perform a code update on November 5th, to introduce many new features to LibCal. There will be no downtime. The biggest change you’ll notice is the way Calendars display – they’ll be much more flexible, super customizable, and a whole lot prettier. View a video walkthrough of the awesome new features.

jQuery Calendars – yeah!

The new Calendars are based on the jQuery library, so they’re standardized and look a lot nicer and more functional right out of the box – the most popular customizations will happen by default. In addition, you’ll have greater flexibility in customizing individual calendar elements. View the new features.

Important to know:
If you’ve customized the CSS for your calendar display, those customizations will no longer work. We are very sorry for the inconvenience – due to the complete overhaul of the Calendar displays and standardizing on jQuery, the old methods of customizing elements won’t work. We’re at the ready to help you customize the new calendars – email us at and we’ll help you with anything you need.

The Awesome Details:

Here are some of the customizations that are now super-duper easy:

  • Event Title Height in the Monthly calendar view will re-size automatically
  • Day Height in the Monthly calendar view will re-size automatically to accommodate all events
  • Color Customizations can be done using the new Color Settings menu
  • Time Display Customizations can be done using the new Display Options menu

In addition to the vast improvements to the display, we’re also rolling out several frequently requested features, including:

  • View multiple calendars & events in one display
  • Event Mouse-overs show key event information, including categories, location, presenters, and description
  • Event Explorer lets you search, filter, display, and export event & registrant info for an entire calendar
  • Display Filters – filter events by multiple libraries & categories
  • Print Friendly View makes it easy to print calendars

We’re way excited about these new calendar display options and features – we’re confident that this update will make your LibCal system easier to manage, prettier, and more user-friendly!

Onwards and upwards,
Slaven Zivkovic & the Springshare Team

Your Secret Weapon: The LibGuides Community

Last week, we read a great article by Joyce Valenza on her NeverEndingSearch blog in School Library Journal. She mentions several excellent resources for digital curation, and as you might imagine, one of them happens to be our favorite – the LibGuides Community. Here’s a quick excerpt:

Lately, I find myself using LibGuides in ways never expected.

Sure, as a member of the community, I can ask a fellow curator if I might use his/her guide as a template in building my own.  But way more often, I simply link to the Guides of others as resources or links in my own guides.  You don’t have to be a paying member of the community to do that.

I know very little about genealogy, or gardening, or classical music, or  sports,  or physics.  But somewhere out there, some really smart librarian does.  He or she knows a lot and understands the context of searching within that area of expertise.  And while they sometimes link to location-specific proprietary databases, very often the resources they list and the advice they offer transcend their local clients.

The full article (a great read!) can be found here: My secret search/curating weapon 

We were excited to read Joyce’s article, in part because it’s a timely coincidence with something we’ve been cooking up recently. We’re gearing up to put together a revamp of the LibGuides Community search page and functionality – we want to make it *even easier* for you to discover the guides and content you need.

If you have ideas on what you’d like to see in the new Community site (multi-faceted searching? More filtering/limiting options? New search parameters? New functionality?) we’d really love to hear from you! Please share any suggestions, wishes, and ideas in the comments.

Web Developers: Come Work for Springshare!

Hey there, Springy Nation! We’re a fast growing company, so we’re always looking for ninja-skilled Web Developers to help us carry out our mission of providing the best web software for libraries.

This is what we’re looking for: 

  • LAMP skills of the ninja caliber, including 3+ years PHP / MySQL experience and Unix / Apache skills
  • Experience in scaling web infrastructure
  • Front-end JS programming experience (e.g. jQuery or dojo)
  • Experience with Nginx, Solr or Mobile development is a plus
  • You need to be a self-starter and self-motivating type. We work in a typical startup fashion so you’ll be wearing many hats and doing a lot of things – at once – hence having great organizational and multitasking skills is essential.

In a typical week, you’ll:

  • Create front- and back-end interfaces for new or existing products, letting your creative juices run free
  • Work with our partners (other library-centric companies) to integrate their tools with Springy and vice versa
  • Dream up new ideas that will rock the library (software) world
  • Every one us (including our CEO) also helps with support and making sure our customers’ needs are taken care of, so you’ll talk with our customers regularly, troubleshooting bug fixes and such

We offer:

  • Great pay and benefits (health, dental, 401K, etc.)
  • Very flexible vacations/time off policy
  • Working from home (yes, you heard it right, though slackers need not apply – see the point above about needing to be a self-starter and self-motivator)
  • A very supportive, library-centric environment (half of our team is librarians).

If this sounds like your dream gig, please send your resume and code sample(s) to and tell us of your ninja developer skills.