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LibGuides – Monthly Statistics Updates Now Live

Earlier this month, we rolled out a huge statistics update – huzzah! We’ve heard lots of good feedback about the new functionality – words like “awesome”, “fascinating”, and “super cool” have been flying around. We’ve also heard from some folks who miss the simplicity and scannability of the previous monthly hit reports.

We’re all about easy, so we’ve added these reports back in to the new stats interface! Here’s how to get them:

  • Head to Statistics, & select the Guides tab
  • Choose Monthly report, then select the months you’d like to see (ex: January to August); click Apply
  • Look below the chart, and you’ll see the Monthly report grid:
  • Select a guide to see a grid breakdown by page; click Links to see grids on links, books, files, etc.
  • Prefer seeing all clicks in one report? Choose Export to: Excel or Plain Text to view all guide clicks:

Thanks to everyone for sharing feedback on the new statistics!

LibAnswers Update: Timezone and SMS Improvements

Hey there, Springy Nation – we’re rolling out a LibAnswers code update! It includes changes to the way we handle timezones, as well as new features and improvements for the SMS functionality – read on for the rundown.

Timezone Management

We’re thrilled that people around the world (literally!) use LibAnswers. Up to now, we’ve relied on a timezone offset method, where each site defined their local time in relation to our server time. We figured this could use some improvement, so we’ve optimized the setting to make use of real timezones, instead of the old offsets – this should make it simpler to keep your LibAnswers time in line with your local time. 🙂

Admins – please check your timezone; head to Admin Stuff > System Settings > Your Local Time

SMS Updates

We’ve updated our SMS functionality and added a couple of requested features:

  • Send Direct SMS Messages to multiple recipients – add multiple numbers separated by semi-colons
  • Auto-Responders and Discontinuous times – if your “available” service hours aren’t one continuous block (ex you’re open after midnight, or you’d like to block out time for lunch), you can now add discontinuous times to your off-hours auto-responder. Head to Admin Stuff > SMS Settings

Back to School Checklist

The telltale signs are starting to show. Campus orientation tours are rolling past office windows. Freshmen are enrolling in classes. The energy on campus is starting to build. These are all signs that school is about to start! It’s time to spruce up those guides, ready the study room sign-up, update the FAQ, and give a lift to the digital branch.  We’ve put together a quick check-list to help you get organized.

  • First things first: guide cleanup time!
    • Summer’s come to a close; time to unpublish LibGuides about summer programs and readings.
    • Update your student employee/volunteer LibGuide with this year’s shifts and policies. LibGuides CMS users: remind students and volunteers to sign up for email alerts, then send out alerts any time you update the guide.
  • It’s time to kick that E-Reserves program into high gear!
    • Remind teachers and faculty to send in their E-Reserves with our handy E-Reserves Request Form.
    • Get those E-Reserve items and courses loaded; check out our help guide for tips!
  • It’s a great time to freshen up LibAnswers, too!
    • Review any policy-related LibAnswers, to make sure they’re up-to-date.
    • It’s a great time to advertise your LibAnswers service! Post an ad in the student newspaper, create promotional materials, check out our session on Advertising LibAnswers, and grab more tips on Advertising your SMS service.
  • Get those dates and schedules in order with LibCal!
    • If you’re using the Room Booking tool, now’s a great time to post fresh QR codes outside available study spaces – they make booking with mobile devices super easy!
    • Make sure your personal scheduler is up to date & publicized – make it easy to consult the experts!
    • Create a calendar for special events, & publicize it – share the iCal subscription link, and anyone who subscribes will see newly added events automatically!
  • Make sure your LibAnalytics data collection is ready to go! Check out our Dataset Ideas for suggestions on what types of data to capture.

What are you doing to get ready for school? Share your suggestions and strategies in the comments!

A Two-Way Street

Good afternoon SpringyFans! It’s not a conversation unless you hear from us and we’re hearing from you. This post covers just that!

Hearing from Us:

Check out the latest edition of SpringyNews – Going for Gold. The 2012 Summer Olympics, but our opening ceremony featuring LibAnalytics will dazzle and impress anyone looking to solve their data dilemmas. Our Olympians, Jenica Rogers and Stephanie Rollins share their real-life stories of how they’re using LibAnalytics to improve and streamline their libraries. Also, be sure to check out fan favorites Springy Tips & Tricks and our latest Product Updates! Borrowing the Olympic motto, Springshare supports “Swifter Service, Higher Standards, Stronger Statistics!”

Read SpringyNews – Going for Gold!

Hearing From You:

SpringyCamp is back y’all and we’re looking for presenters for our November, 2012 Virtual Conference on Focusing on UX (User Experience): Understanding & Meeting the Needs of Users. So we want to know:

  • How are you using Springshare Products to:
    • Meet users where they are?
    • Understand their needs?
    • Provide an outlet for user-driven content/services/resources?
    • Capture user experiences or assess library success?
    • Reduce degrees of separation between the library and the user?
    • How are you making it easier/faster/efficient for library staff to meet user needs?
    • How are you able to streamline work for the library while still meeting the needs of the users?

Program Level: Designed for all Audiences

Note: Springshare understands that your time is precious. Therefore, selected presenters will receieve an honorarium for their time and effort. It’s our way of saying thanks!

Interested? Submit your proposal today!

LibGuides Update: Huge Statistics Update + More Goodies Now Live!

Good morning SpringyLand! We rolled out a code update last night, including our hugely anticipated Statistics Update – huzzah! What’s new this time?

Statistics, You Complete Me.

We’ve completely redesigned the way we capture and report statistics:

  • Daily stats reports  – goodbye monthly aggregate stats!
  • Custom Date Ranges – run reports on any date range, and create daily, monthly, or yearly reports
  • Charts? Charts! – Create zoomable charts right in the system, and print/export them into any program.
  • New Links Report – Reused link clicks are aggregated *across your entire site* in one glorious report.
  • Mobile Views – Check! Discover whether hits are coming from mobile vs. desktop users.
  • And, for LibGuides CMS (formerly CampusGuides) users, we have brand new stat reports just for you! Grab reports on Search Phrases (the terms users search for in your site search box) User Sessions, and Browser/OS Information.

These new stats cover dates starting as of July 1, 2012.

Integration Made Easy.

We’ve added several major integration points and improvements with LibAnswers:

  • Add a LibChat Department Widget to every page in your site with one click (Sys Settings -> Integrations)
  • Add a LibChat Personal Widget to your profile box with one click (Edit Profile Box -> LibChat Integration)
  • The LibAnswers box-type got a huge upgrade – with one click, you can:
    • Embed the Auto-suggest Search Box, OR
    • Embed your Question Form, OR
    • Embed an entire Question & Answer from your public knowledgebase!

But Wait, There’s More!

  • New API Option – display a list of guides for an individual user
  • Redirected Pages can now be opened in new windows, using the new checkbox option
  • Tweet Updates on published AND private guides
  • New Character Counter & Tag Parser in the plain-text area of the Rich Text box
  • Mobile Footer customization now available

As always, thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and requests for this update!

LibChat: New Widget Updates

Hey there, LibChat users – we’ve got several exciting updates to our existing chat widgets to share!

Encourage users to add a name to the chat: Instead of auto-filling the “Guest” name in the initial chat form, we’ve added a new checkbox option. Users can still chat anonymously, but we think the switch will encourage users to share their real name.

Ask Users a Custom Question:  Prompt your users to answer a single question right in your chat widget. Ask anything, whether it’s “What’s your initial question?”, to “Is this for a class? If so, what’s your course number?”. Their intial answer will show up in the operator panel – here’s what it looks like:

Comments/Feedback at the end of the chat: We’ve added a new comment box to help collect feedback from your users on your chat service. It displays underneath the star rating when a chat concludes.

New Color Customization Options:We’ve added support to change the widget colors directly in the embed settings, instead of via a custom CSS file. Three colors control the look:

  • color_backg: “#E7F3EF” (Background color)
  • color_border: “#AFB6B4” (Text input borders and main border color)
  • color_heading: “#3278E0” (Heading/Title & Chat button color)
  • And here’s what those settings will create –>

As usual, we’re super excited about these changes to the chat widgets! For our next act, we’ll be updating the embed code pages to generate the color customizations automatically – keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks. If you need more instructions on customizing your chat widget, these customizations (and a lot more!) are covered in our help documentation.

If you’re not chatting with LibChat yet – why not?! Check out the features and view a 3-minute video of the new functionality – and when you’re ready to jump in, email us at to get chatting!