Attention Data Ninjas: New in LibAnalytics – Dataset Templates

A brand new version of LibAnalytics is coming your way – and 10 out of 10 early-adopters agree, the new functionality is bananas-awesome. Here’s a quick taste:

  • More field & data types, including multi-value select, date-pickers, and sliding scales,  to name a few
  • Enhanced Access Control limits access to Datasets to just users you designate
  • New Widgets to make data capture by librarians and non-librarians easier
  • New and Improved Charts with a bevy of new filtering and reporting options

For a great overview of the new functionality, check out our recorded overview:

We’re also thrilled to introduce our newest cool feature – Dataset Templates. We’ve heard from many ninjas that the toughest part of getting started with LibAnalytics is creating Datasets (formerly “instances”), so we’ve come up with a little something to help. These templates were created by the Springy Trainers, and are based on the things *we* used to collect at our libraries, like:

You can copy these templates into your system (select Create New Dataset & use the dropdown to Copy Fields From Springy’s Templates), then change the fields and values as necessary to make things relevant for your own institution. To view the full list of Dataset templates & detailed instructions, visit the Help Site.

The new LibAnalytics represents an entirely new code base, so if you haven’t switched to the new LibAnalytics yet, we’ll be migrating clients in stages this summer. Please contact us at and we’ll work out the best way & time to migrate your site to this awesome new system!

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