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LibAnswers Update is Live; Important Info for Email Settings

In the words of Dr. Frankenstein, “It’s Aliiive!” – the LibAnswers update, that is. In case you missed our preview post last week, remember: you can check out a full list of the new features available at We’re super excited to tell you about the new Email features. You can now choose to funnel emails sent to a specific email address – like – straight into your LibAnswers system.

Instructions for setting up the new Email features can be found below. We highly recommend that admins take a look at the new Email Settings page (found under Admin Stuff -> System Settings) to confirm settings.

If your Libanswers system is on the domain:

We’ve set you up with a generic email address already – ask@* (where * is the lead part of your domain). Change this to whatever you’d like – head to Admin Stuff -> System Settings -> Email Settings.

If your LibAnswers system is on your own domain (ex:

We’ll work with you (and your IT folks) on set up – email us at to get things rolling. There are two primary options:

  • Ask your IT folks to redirect a whole domain (like to LibAnswers. Similar to setting up Custom Domain Mapping, this requires your IT to set up a DNS record. Contact us for specific instructions. This is the most reliable way to receive and send mail with a address. [Please note – this will apply to the entire domain – it won’t work for one address in the domain, like We recommend using a dedicated domain, like, for this reason.]
  • If your IT folks aren’t keen on setting up a custom domain, you can forward specific email accounts to an Incoming Email Address. Patrons can still email, but the message will forward to for ingestion into LibAnswers. Contact us and let us know what you’d like to be (ex:
If you’re using the Email feature, we also highly recommend setting the Send Answer/Reply Emails “FROM” setting to your primary Incoming Email Address. This way, when users reply to a message, those replies are routed into the system.

Plus, LibChat is here!

Check out the features and view a 3-minute video of the new functionality. When you’re ready to jump in, email us at to get chatting!

LibAnswers Update: June 27th

We’ve been working on some awesome new LibAnswers features that are going to be rolled out Wednesday, June 27, 2012. There will be no system downtime during this code update.

What’s so fabulously awesome about this update?

  • Answer Page Redesign: The Answer page has been redesigned & more closely mimics the answering workflow. You’ll *love* the new interface.
  • Replies for Public Answers: You asked for it & we heard ya! You can now reply to public answers.
  • Email Templates: You’ve wanted to customize the emails that come from your system – now you can!
  • Reference Email Management: LibAnswers has a fabulous new email management tool! Set up your email address(es) & the system will pull in any emails sent to those addresses. Patrons ask via email, librarians answer via LibAnswers, and patrons can reply via email.
    Emails saved & searchable in your system. One place. All questions. *swoon*

    Ensure your patrons receive emails from your LibAnswers system by asking your IT department to whitelist Note: This IP changed with this update.

  • Improved Dashboard Notifications: See how many unanswered questions await you in your queue right from the Dashboard, queues, or “Add a Transaction” pages.

We created a LibAnswers Update guide so you can get some sneak peeks at everything listed above & check out the list of other enhancements!

Also, did you know that LibChat fully integrates with LibAnswers? Check it out:

Bet you can’t wait for June 27th now… We can’t either. 😀

Meebo going away, LibChat coming your way…see it at ALA!

By now you’ve probably heard that Meebo is discontinuing its chat service on July 11, 2012. The good news is that LibChat will be ready before then. The even better news is that is it so super awesome that even if Meebo wasn’t cancelling their chat, you’d still switch to LibChat in a heartbeat!

We know what you’re thinking: “So Springy friends, 1) what can it do and 2) when can we get our hands on it?!”

Well, LibChat’s awesomesauce is made of:

LibChat preview

Say hello to LibChat!

  • full integration into the LibAnswers reference workflow (including new question / SMS notifications right in the LibChat window!);
  • 1-click integration into LibGuides / CampusGuides (embed chat on every public page; embed individual chat in your profile);
  • simple integration into any webpage – put your chat at point of need;
  • several widget types – easy to use & not Flash based, so they work on non-Flash supported devices (we’re lookin’ at you, Apple);
  • multiple queues – create as many as you need (individual & department based);
  • chat transfer: transfer in-process chats from one librarian to another (making referrals easy peasy!);
  • customizable canned messages;
  • transcripts: all chat transcripts are saved & can be analyzed; patrons can also email the transcript to themselves with one click;
  • full statistics, including patron ratings;
  • …and more!

Of course, one of the prime ingredients in Springshare’s awesomesauce is our outstanding support. Anyone caught by the Meebo chat shut-down can certainly appreciate the full value of having a library-focused company develop & support a library-centric reference solution.

True, it’s not free like Meebo was, but remember that you get what you pay for with free. With real-time reference being an important piece of the library’s mission, we feel it is very important to offer not only a great product, but also incredible service & support and continued product development.

This is where Springshare excels, and we are proud of the fact that we have built a sterling reputation for support & service in the library market. LibChat is no exception, and our clients – new and old – can expect the same awesome service / product / developments from us. We will never abandon you or let you down.

Excited yet? Want to see it in action? Alrighty then – let’s do it!

  • Are you going to ALA? Stop by booth 712 and chat with us! Check out all of the awesome features and get your library signed up.
  • Not going to ALA? No problem! Email and ask for a demo for your library.

LibChat will launch in early July – before Meebo shuts down. Chat with you soon! 🙂