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LibAnswers Update is Live; Important Info for Email Settings

In the words of Dr. Frankenstein, “It’s Aliiive!” – the LibAnswers update, that is. In case you missed our preview post last week, remember: you can check out a full list of the new features available at We’re super excited to tell you about the new Email features. You can…

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LibAnswers Update: June 27th

We’ve been working on some awesome new LibAnswers features that are going to be rolled out Wednesday, June 27, 2012. There will be no system downtime during this code update. What’s so fabulously awesome about this update? Answer Page Redesign: The Answer page has been redesigned & more closely mimics…

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Meebo going away, LibChat coming your way…see it at ALA!

By now you’ve probably heard that Meebo is discontinuing its chat service on July 11, 2012. The good news is that LibChat will be ready before then. The even better news is that is it so super awesome that even if Meebo wasn’t cancelling their chat, you’d still switch to LibChat in…

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