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Web Developer Ninjas: Come Work with Springshare!

Hey there, Springy Nation! We’re hunting for a few great Web Developers to help us carry out our mission of creating awesome web software and providing even awesome-r service to our libraries. If you have mad skills and a thirst for innovation (or you know someone who does), we want to talk to you!

This is what we’re looking for: 

  • LAMP skills of the ninja caliber, including 3+ years PHP / MySQL experience and Unix / Apache skills
  • Experience in scaling web infrastructure
  • Front-end JS programming experience (e.g. jQuery or dojo)
  • Bonus Round: worked with Nginx, Mobile tech, or Solr? Experience with any of these is a plus. Worked with all three? Where have you been all our lives??
  • You need to be a self-starter and self-motivating type. We work in a typical startup fashion so you’ll be wearing many hats and doing a lot of things – at once – hence having great organizational and multitasking skills is essential.

In a typical week, you’ll:

  • Create front- and back-end interfaces for new or existing products, letting your creative juices run free
  • Work with our partners (other library-centric companies) to integrate their tools with Springy and vice versa
  • Dream up new ideas that will rock the library (software) world
  • Every one us (including our mad genius CEO) also helps with support and making sure our customers’ needs are taken care of, so you’ll be talking with our customers regularly, troubleshooting bug fixes and such

We offer:

  • Great pay and benefits (health, dental, 401K, etc.)
  • Very flexible vacations/time off policy
  • Working from home (yes, you heard it right, though slackers need not apply – see the point above about needing to be a self-starter and self-motivator)
  • A very supportive, library-centric environment (half of our team is librarians).

If this sounds like your dream gig, please send your resume to and let us know what makes you awesome.

LibAnswers – New Features are Live!

Can you feel it? Spring is here, and we’re celebrating with a new crop of LibAnswers features!

New in LibAnswers:

  • SMS now available in Canada and the UK! Picture it: a text messaging service that’s directly tied in to your LibAnswers workflow. Send and receive SMS messages, create auto-responders, and enjoy a wealth of statistics – all from one centralized interface. We’re thrilled to extend this service to our clients in Canada and the UK – to get started, email!
  • Keyword Improvements – Adding keywords helps your users discover relevant public questions in your system. This feature now supports key-phrases – aka keywords that have spaces. We’ve also added an auto-suggest feature, to help you discover keywords and phrases you’ve used previously. Yay for easy!
  • Customizable Search Results Page – Add custom content to the public search results screen! Admins: head to Admin Stuff > Ask Us Form > Search Form.

New in Reference Analytics:

  • READ Scale Integration – Many of you asked for an easy way to integrate the Reference Effort Assessment Data (READ) Scale when recording Reference Analytics transactions – so we added an easy solution! Admins will see a new option when editing an instance – “Use the READ Scale?”. This integrates the qualitative six-point scale and guidelines for use directly in your record a transaction screen.
  • Design changes for the Record a Transaction screen – We’re always working to make sure our tools have the best design possible, so the Record Transaction screen got a facelift! We’ve nipped, tucked, and cleaned things up, shedding unnecessary popups and onscreen text to deliver a cleaner, user friendlier look.
  • Customizable widths on the Record a Transaction screen – want to customize the widths of the selection boxes on the Record a Transaction screen? Now you can! Check out this faq for instructions.