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New LibAnalytics Features: Instance Designer and Widgets

We are announcing two important new features for LibAnalytics: Instance Designer and LibAnalytics Widgets. These new features open up a slew of possibilities to use LibAnalytics in a whole new way.

Our new Instance Designer makes it easy to fully customize the look and feel of your instance! It has everything from reordering fields using a drag-and-drop interface, to being able to define instructions and help text for each field. The new interface makes it easy to customize what your instance recording screen will look like.

And, we’re adding a new tool to your Data Ninja arsenal – LibAnalytics Widgets. Hold on to your hats, because we’re about to turn the concept of LibAnalytics “instances” on its ear!

When we talk about “instances”, all we mean is “a set of data that libraries want to track”. Up until now, the librarians were the only ones who could record this data in LibAnalytics. But we got to thinking – what if we open data-recording to users? What about collecting patron feedback? Satisfaction surveys, feedback on library instruction, website feedback, database trials… why should librarians always be the ones entering data? Open the data recording and collection to everyone, and then use our awesome analytics tools to make sense of all your data.

Thus, LibAnalytics Widgets were born! Forged in the dark fires of our ninja enclave, LibAnalytics widgets give you the power to collect user feedback right from the source. For example, let’s say you want to collect feedback about your library website. Create an instance for “Website Feedback”, and embed a widget on your library website. You can have the feedback widget appear on page load, on page exit, on button click, etc. Examples:

Floating Button Widget (note the feedback button on the left side of the screen)

Embedded Text Widget (note the purple area below the banner)

Or send an email to faculty with a link to your survey, like this:

LibAnalytics now enables you to collect all kinds of data, from all kinds of sources, all in one place. You can browse the data, find patterns, generate statistics, and analyze stuff like there’s no tomorrow.

If you thought it doesn’t get any better, well it does – a single instance of LibAnalytics is free, so sign up today and get started on your Data Ninja skills.

LibAnswers Code Update: Full Text Indexing, and More!

The last LibAnswers update was just 4 weeks ago, but our LibAnswers development team has been feeling hyper this August, so we’ve just rolled out some excellent new features!

  • Full-text Search has arrived – WOO HOO! You can now search the full text of question and answer contents, both in the public search screens, and in the KnowledgeBase Explorer. This may add more question hits per search so…
  • We’ve redesigned the search landing page. Now, instead of returning search results on the same page (potentially pushing the question form down the page into oblivion), patrons will see a spiffy new page with search results on the left, and the question form on the right. Check it out, it’s cool!
  • File Attachment upgrades – we have 2 major changes to share: 1)You can now include file attachments when answering private questions. 2)Hey, did I just say attachmentS, plural? You bet I did! Public and Private questions can now have multiple file attachments.
  • New Account Type: Analytics Only (for Reference Analytics clients) – We’ve added a new account type that only allows access to the Reference Analytics transaction screen. This new level allows people to record transactions, and doesn’t allow access to the incoming question queues, creating public answers in the knowledgebase, etc.
As always, thanks to the LibAnswers community for your excellent ideas and feedback!