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Springshare Lounge: Groups Galore!

Hi everyone,

Today is an exciting day! We are announcing a new feature as part of our Lounge Extreme Makeover – Groups!

What are Groups? Groups are micro-communities where you can easily share ideas, get questions answered and discuss strategies with like-minded peers. We’ve created 10 Groups, so far – feel free to join as many Groups as you’d like  where you’ll become part of a community interested in the same themes and topics!

How do I join a group?

Simple! Just click on the Groups tab at the top of the Website and you’ll see a listing of all of the groups. Click on a group that interests you, read the description and click the JOIN button on the right-side. That’s it – easy peasy! 🙂

Once I’ve Joined a Group – What Now?

Get the conversation-ball rolling! Post a Group Discussion Forum or send a message to the Group. Leave a comment on the Group’s wall or scroll through a list of all of the Group members and chat with people one-on-one. It’s all easy with Groups!


Last, but not least, these Groups are designed with YOU in mind. What does that mean? Well, it means that if you have an idea for a Group and want to be the Group Leader – let us know!

All the best,

The Springshare Team

Springshare Lounge Redesign!

Good news –  we are totally revamping the Springshare Lounge! The goal is to make it more of a user community where you all are interacting with each other. Plus, its time that the orange and green banners got an overhaul.

So here is what’s on the horizon.

The first stage of the redesign will take place the week of August 15th – the lounge will look much prettier! Take a gander at the new look & feel of the site:

Lounge Redesign

Phase two of the Lounge Redesign involves the roll-out of groups. We want to make it easier for librarians to network, exchange ideas, get questions answered, and discuss strategies with like-minded peers. We’ll be creating groups in the Lounge based around common themes or topics – for example the ‘Guides in Instruction Group’ or the ‘K-12 LibGuiders Group’ or even the ‘Mobile Design & Usability Group’. By joining (and creating!) groups that interest you, you’ll become part of a micro community of ‘Guiders interested in the same themes and topics – these micro-communities will be a great way to foster discussions, get ideas, and get inspired!

Got a suggestion for a group? Tell us! We’re also looking for a few great librarians to act as group leaders – if you’re ready to help get some conversations rolling, let us know!

We are super excited about our Lounge redesign and we think you’ll be excited too!

All the best,

The Springshare Team

LibAnswers Updates

LibAnswers got a major upgrade last week. You’ve probably noticed the major toolbar organization changes, and may have seen our guide on the LibAnswers Update, but we have tons of additional features and upgrades to tell you about! Here’s the highlights reel:

  • The New pop-up Widget is an awesome way to integrate your Ask a Librarian service in any website! Check out our Widget help guide for examples and more info.
  • The question submission form is now more customizable. There are now a total of 3 multiple-choice fields and 2 free-text fields to work with, and the labels for every element of the form are customizable! More info
  • We’ve consolidated new incoming content (new questions, replies, and comments) into a centralized “Unanswered” stream. Question Replies are easier to keep track of, and we’ve made it easy to break replies out out into new questions (for those “one more question… type replies)
  • There are tons of new filter & sort options available for  knowledge base and Reference Analytics content, including date/day/time filters, name/email info, question-form data, etc. More info
  • Query Spy now includes referrer URL information for every record (so you can see where people are asking questions – a little context goes a long way!) More info
  • We’ve added monthly reporting for public question views (beginning with 8/2011)
  • Chart and Stats export options also got an upgrade – it’s now easier to export, edit, and print all the beautiful data you can find in LibAnswers. More info
  • We’ve also added new Cross-Tab reports for Reference Analytics clients! Compare two Analytics fields for in-depth data analysis.

New LibGuides and CampusGuides Updates

Hey Hey Hey – we released an update for LibGuides & CampusGuides this weekend! Check out the new features & improvements:

  • New Slider option to control column widths
    Sick of resurrecting your math skills every time you want to create custom column widths? Us too! In any guide, head to Add/Edit Pages –> Resize Columns to see the new slider.
  • Add a customized message on your site’s support form
    Every LibGuides and CampusGuides site includes a link in the footer to “Report a Tech Support Issue”, which triggers an email to our Springy Support team  and cc’s your primary site administrator. If there are different help channels that your patrons should be using, you can add a custom note to the “Report a Tech Support Issue” form! Check out Hillsborough Community College for an example. To add custom text to your site’s form, email Springy Support and let us know what you’d like to add!
  • CampusGuides – New API option lets you filter by group
    We’ve added a new filter for API calls! To filter an API call to return results from a specific group, add the term “&gid=xxx” (where xxx is the ID of the group you want to filter by). With this new feature, you can dynamically generate a list of guides, list of authors, list of subject categories, or tag cloud for an individual group in your system – neato!
  • CampusGuides – Add a note to your IP rules
    Having trouble keeping track of your CampusGuides IP rules? We’ve added a new “note” field – now, you can keep track of what those random-looking IP strings actually do. 🙂 To view this new option, Admins can head to System Wide Settings –> Access Rules.
  • E-Reserves – New course visibility options
    This one’s for folks using the E-Reserves module. We’ve added a visibility option to E-Reserves courses. By assigning a course visibility date, you can show/hide courses (and all the e-reserve content they contain) by date. To edit your course visibility dates, head to E-Reserves –> E-Reserve Course List; click the “Course Visibility” drop-down to choose a custom date range for your course’s visibility.