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Springshare Lounge: Groups Galore!

Hi everyone, Today is an exciting day! We are announcing a new feature as part of our Lounge Extreme Makeover – Groups! What are Groups? Groups are micro-communities where you can easily share ideas, get questions answered and discuss strategies with like-minded peers. We’ve created 10 Groups, so far –…

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Springshare Lounge Redesign!

Good news –  we are totally revamping the Springshare Lounge! The goal is to make it more of a user community where you all are interacting with each other. Plus, its time that the orange and green banners got an overhaul. So here is what’s on the horizon. The first…

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LibAnswers Updates

LibAnswers got a major upgrade last week. You’ve probably noticed the major toolbar organization changes, and may have seen our guide on the LibAnswers Update, but we have tons of additional features and upgrades to tell you about! Here’s the highlights reel: The New pop-up Widget is an awesome way…

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New LibGuides and CampusGuides Updates

Hey Hey Hey – we released an update for LibGuides & CampusGuides this weekend! Check out the new features & improvements: New Slider option to control column widths Sick of resurrecting your math skills every time you want to create custom column widths? Us too! In any guide, head to…

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